Stone dead... A One Paragraph Fox Tale

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"He's dead..." The words fell out of the doctor's mouth like cold hard drops of rain on a work morning. Its effect both painful and cold, it was felt throughout the small room where we all gathered. I looked at mother. She sat across from me, her hands folded in fists, one atop the other. Both, a resting place for her set jaw. "We tried our best, but..." The doctor's sympathetic speech faded into the background as I continued to focus on mother. I admired her steeliness, her calm.. She didn't even move, as if she had been stung by a numbing insect. Her disheveled hair and unkept look made her worthy of sympathy. And if I didn't know I would also have pitied her. But I knew, I saw... I know it was mother who had poisoned father... And somehow, I envied her...



Written for @vermillionfox's Fox Tales Contest


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This is just a woven masterpiece of sorrow and relief. In such a tight word count, you have so many amazingly lines, I could quote far too many of them, but just this first bit of story

The words fell out of the doctor's mouth like cold hard drops of rain on a work morning

it just carries the chilling impact of the words so very well <3 There is so much emotion in the face of this woman, and i spent a lot of time pondering the mixture of a distant gaze, sorrow and acceptance, and the story you have chosen to tell conveys every aspect of that so well. You are such a master of prompt fulfilment (which reminds me, I am bringing my contest back and sincerely hope you will make it with a beautifully long story for me <3) everything about this is so well put together, the detail of her set jaw just conveying both the picture, and so much emotion. Everything you write is such a pleasure to read!


Oh Cal... Everytime you comment, it's much more than just a pleasurable read. It warms the heart

And of course I will.😍

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Ohhhh, love how dark this turned out to be!