Offering translations to French / Propose service de traduction en français

2년 전
in fr

(this is an offer of service to the Steem community)

Anybody interested to have their contents translated to French?


As a native speaker, and quite enthusiastic about bringing a little more French speakers (who are notoriously bad at English) to Steem, I'm offering to translate any of your content from English to French. I don't have infinite time of course, but I'd be happy to help you reach French speakers and grow the platform.

Write me comments if you're interested

(Note that I can also translate from French to English. That way you can also have a look at my written French. Thanks @kaliangel for the suggestion)

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Peut-tu faire l'inverse ? Traduire du français à l'anglais ?


Oui, c'est même mieux car en général ça intéresse pas mal les français de pouvoir traduire en anglais. Ça te dirait de traduire mes articles ?