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"Si vous vous asseyiez sur un nuage, vous ne verriez pas la frontière entre un pays et un autre.
Il est bien regrettable que vous ne puissiez vous asseoir sur un nuage."

"If you sit on a cloud, you would not see the border between one country and another.
It's unfortunate that you don't sit on a cloud."

Khalil Gibran

IMG_20160927_193851 (1).jpg


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thanks for your comment @paula-art ;)

Lovely snap. is this a sunrise or a sun set?


thank you @jasonshick this is a sun set ;)

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What a lovely picture!

I can see that you love nature and the clouds... so I think you might like to participate in the #LoveTheClouds contest :)



Thanks I will look at this 😉

Awesome shot! <3