Fête Nationale - Giveaway



Today is 14. Juillet.
That is a national holiday in France.
Bastille Day.
Let them eat cake celebration.

3 weeks to go until I am in this country again:)
Or to be precise:

So, you see, many reasons to celebrate.

Time to do another giveaway.
200 Snax for a picture of France in the comments.
Or anything French.
400 Snax for a picture of a French castle:)

As long as I want, to whomever I want.
But don't forget to mention your Snax username.

Resteem, upvote, anything you want, you know the drill.

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A little late....

Actually I'm in France, but I haven't been able to take so much pictures yet. I was allowed to photograph this beautiful castle last year.


SNAX is on the way!

That is a nice Chateau..le


Thank u!

Also liked it very much, was on the way from Dijon to Chateauneuf, but can not say exactly where. :)

Une bonne baguette française!

Il y a tellement de chateaux en France mais celui-ci est vraiment impressionnant! (Chambord)

Aussi vijbzabyss sur Snax! Merci pour cette opportunité de faire connaître la France!


French château and French cuisine and firstposter. 500 SNAX are on the way:)

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And celebrate cake

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You need to own more BEER (6 BEER allows you to send 1 BEER per day)


I own 10 beer...

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