Bitcoin Card (VD) Voting Airdrops 1 Vote 500 Bitcoin Card and Airdrop Round 2

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Vote CoinFalCon Exchange: 1 Vote 500 Bitcoin Card

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Token name: Bitcoin Card,
Symbol: VD,
Decimal: 8 ,
Token Type: ERC20,
Total Supply: 1000,000,000
Contract address : 0x9a9bB9b4b11BF8eccff84B58a6CCCCD4058A7f0D,

Trade Now : DeltaRelay Exchange,

Bitcoin Card (VD) JOIN ROUND #2 AIRDROP , 5000 Coin


Bitcoin Card (VD) Voting Airdrops 1 Vote 500 Bitcoin Card

Referral ERC0 Wallet address 0xb403e7f88cc662E79b9b9d7474f80a26D1dDBdA7

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Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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