Online Auction Competition



Free TON Dev Experience has relaunched the contest for smart contract developers. In contrast to the first competition, more detailed information has appeared, the remuneration and terms have changed

Dates of the contest:

June 25, 2021 - July 25, 2021


Monthly subscriptions are a key monetization channel for the Internet, being the most practical monetization channel for businesses and communities. Currently, there is an obvious need for the effective implementation of various types of auctions in Free TON and developers are encouraged to create smart contracts that facilitate the work with cryptocurrency, thereby ensuring the convenience of all Free TON participants

A task:

Create, test and deploy a system of smart contracts with recurring payments (auctions) on the Free TON blockchain. With the help of various auctions, FreeTON users will be able to pay to unlock access to special debots / smart contracts

Since the auctions on Vickry have already been implemented earlier in the DeNS competition, you should focus on the following auctions:

  • English auction - unlike auctions with closed bids, the English auction is completely transparent, since during the auction the participants become known to each other
  • Dutch auction - a Dutch auction initially inflates the price of a product / service. The price gradually decreases until the moment when one of the bidders is satisfied
  • Both types of auctions must be implemented for forward and reverse auctions, and the blind option must be presented using at least a fixing scheme or zero-knowledge proof
  • Contracts must interact with TON Crystal's own cryptocurrency of the Free TON blockchain, the transfer function in DePools, as well as with TIP-3 tokens
  • Auctions should generate chain events that signal important state changes that can be used by other smart contracts
  • You must use Solidity, C ++, or a combination of both
  • Auctions should be scalable and should not rely on a single contract
  • The Auction Root contract should be able to deploy an infinite number of atomic auctions


1 place — 50 000 TON (≈37 000 USD)
2 place — 35 000 TON (≈26 000 USD)
3 place — 20 000 TON (≈15 000 USD)
4 place — 15 000 TON (≈11 000 USD)
5 place — 10 000 TON (≈7 500 USD)

Learn more about the competition and the procedure for placing an application here

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