My favorite faucets (Free Doge,Litecoin,Bitcoin,Ethereum).If you know any better paying faucets,post your link in comments!

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in free

Most of the faucets are bad,they have very intrusive ads,and give very little coins.I got thru 30 - 40 faucets and these few are best paying that i found,so if you have nerves and time to collect money from faucets,go ahead!
Make sure you install popup blocker for your browser,that's the best way to deal with annoying popups.

Right now,they give 0.2 to 0.8 Doge per 10 minutes,+ dice game.

Right now,they give 430 to 1720 Litoshi per 10 minutes,+ dice game.

Rightnow,they give 8 to 32 Satoshi per 10 minutes,+ dice game.

Rightnow,they give 130 to 520 Etheroshi per 10 minutes,+ dice game.

You MUST have faucethub account,because all faucets are sending payments to your faucethub account.

If you know any better paying faucets,post your links!


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My son use other faucets) He just try one and say "oh my god how much advertising".

Useless! I can't even claim anything because everything you click redirects to another ad!

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