5 September, the day of fortune

2년 전

Tomorrow Wednesday 5 september is a special day for our players...

First of all a free 750.000 cash for each one claiming the bonus : http://steemmafia.mafiacontrol.com/reward/2v21

But also an exceptional offer on diamonds, get 40% more diamonds for each purchases !!!
The perfect time to invest in the game.

Remember, as soon as our steem account permits it, we shall launch steem rewarded contests.

tutorialmascot3.png Better join us now... Other gangs are not waiting :)
Click to join the best mafia game on steem
More information on our main page / Contact our game manager on our discord.

All income generated by this account will be used to power up and/or will fund ingame contests, feel free to send steem/sbd or delegations.

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Hi @steem.mafia am I too early or too late?

Thank you for a cool game. Looking forward to some more action:-)

Sorry yes i SEE now. Wednesday!!!!!!

I just Collected my 750.000 cash and bougth troops to gain power...
Thank you. Will write a post to promote the game later on today:-)
Have a great Day
Best regards @EveryDayCoach


Thank you, have a nice day too