This is How To Get Free Land In America: (100% Legit, Not A Scam)

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Believe it or not, there are several places all over the United States offering free land.

So, what's the catch? Well apparently in most of these places offering free land it's under the condition you promise to build a house within a year or two. That's great news for anyone trying to get into the offgrid life, or that wants to build their own home cheap. The tiny house movement is huge at the moment and you can build one for less than 10k!

Why Keep Paying Rent?!

Are you crazy? What do you pay? 1000usd a month on rent? Many pay more, but let's call it 1k for now. That's 12k extra a year you'll have if you can get into your own house. Free land is just a fast-forward button. Live in a van or caravan etc. while you build the house. Take photos and document the process with video on youtube and steemit and you can probably earn a profit while doing it all! Win-win!

Or Buy Cheap Land!

If you don't like the idea of tons of stipulations on the free land and you have access to about 10,000usd you can buy up to 20 acres in many places all over the U.S. Same thing again, live in a van or caravan while you save up and slowly build the house of your dreams. Why throw away all your money on rent when land is so cheap? Come on guys!

Here's more info on the free land:

And Some Links Learn More About Free Land in America:

Want To Find Cheap Land? Search These:

There are many other websites out there for free land and cheap land. If this is something you want to do check out all the info you can and get moving! Don't sit around throwing money away in rent. The intelligent thing to do is become a land owner. It's even more intelligent to build your own home and move in mortgage-free.

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This is why we are building our own house, not because the land was free, but to get rid of rent and mortgages. No need to throw money away every month.

I am packing the motorhome now and I will be in route in 20 minutes!!!!! Im gonna get me some free land :) I have flipped a few houses so hopefully this land comes with some type of piece of crap structure, Im leaving up 1 wall and gonna build me a retreat!!! I can garden, I know just enough about solar to be dangerous, I have me a couple of generators, I am all set and good. As long as I can work up some internet to be able to Steem, I will be a happy homesteader - I like this post a lot!!!! Gotta go, got to get to packing. Thanks Friend - SUNSHINE


I thought you might like this. :)


Love it!!!!!!

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thanks for sharing the information. grate post.

Thanks for the info. Can you find out of other places around the world where this is possible too?


Good idea! I'm sure there are many similar offers in the world. I'll check it out.


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