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Given that it is our destiny to achieve a voluntary society, there are only two ways statism can end: a violent collapse or a peaceful transition. Current government systems are clearly unsustainable. If we do not start paying attention and facing up to our problems, we are headed for sudden failures of the very systems that many of us depend on. While it would be nice to be able to push a button and instantly end all coercion in the world, such a button does not exist. While pushing such a button would certainly make the world a better place, it would also have unforeseen consequences. Where there is revolution without evolution of thought, there is a power vacuum. Instead of provoking instability, we should encourage self-government to fill that void so we can have a peaceful, orderly transition to a world without governments. The way to do that is localization.


Localization is dismantling governments from the top down, first restoring power to local communities with the end goal of eliminating all organized coercion, and establishing a voluntary society based on self-ownership and universal nonviolence. In many places, governments provide the best means available to achieve this through existing subdivisions and the electoral process. In some places, localization will be most effective when central governments are simply overthrown, but it must be done with a clear rejection of any central government, not just to replace it with another.

Localization appeals to people who don’t quite support freedom, but simply want a greater say in how they are governed. The more local government is, the more relevant the voice of the individual. Under most governments today, even those with robust democracies, individual voters know their influence is usually insignificant. The global call to localize will unite people of all political persuasions, except for those who want global government.

Localizing has many immediately tangible benefits with universal appeal. Smaller local governments will be less likely to make war. Policies of social control will reflect local cultures more than the edicts of those in a distant capital. Natural resources will be used to serve local communities, rather than corporations controlled from far away.

Large central governments have proven to be great tools for consolidating wealth in the hands of the few and the enforcers are paid to keep it that way. Localization provides the opportunity for communities to reclaim unjustly-acquired property and make it more widely available if returning it to its rightful owners is not possible. This is especially important for land that has been sequestered, but can be made available for homesteading and other productive purposes.

The alternative to localization is to fight inch by inch, law by law. If we adopt this strategy, we will continue to lose ground as politicians pat us on the head for engaging in the political process while they laugh and take another mile behind our backs. We will not achieve a free society by begging governments for freedom. We will do it by demanding immediate restoration of power to our communities. The first places to embrace this strategy will lead the world toward freedom. They will be the most prosperous and the most secure. It is crucial to reverse the trend of consolidation of power as soon as possible. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be.

Localization starts by practicing localism – building up our communities and creating the organizations to make ourselves less dependent on central governments. We could even say that localization is inevitable, it’s just a matter of how. If we ignore the problems, we can sit back, wait for the collapse, and hope our governments spare us in their violent death throes as they cling to power. If we face up to these problems, we can begin a peaceful transition that will immediately yield positive results. It will most likely be a mix of both, as some would argue that the violent crackdowns against protesters around the world are already a sign of governments losing control. The sooner we embrace localism, the sooner we can end this violence and all the violence of statism.

Chapter 10 Section V From FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh


I am the author of FREEDOM!, a book endorsed (I mean banned) by the US Department of “Justice.” You can get a copy here. I’m running for Not-President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, and responsible dissolution of the United States federal government. You can find out more here. You can find an event near you here. Whoever has the top comment on this post after 24 hours can claim a free signed copy of FREEDOM! by sending me an email at adam@thefreedomline.com with their address.

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Powerful. All great things start at a local level and grow outward from there. I’ve heard of you on Steemit, and I’m now happy to be following you. I’ve run for local office before and I know the difference that can make. (Even though I didn’t win the election) you are doing brave and important work by exposing the tyranny and oppression that state power can impose. Bravo.


Thank you so much for the follow and the love!


My pleasure.


Absolutely, although in my life I am helping Adam in every way I can, I also meet with local people and discuss ideas. I am involved in my county LP. Big beautiful flowers start in the ground as seeds.

One of the best ways to practice localization is to bike to work. If you live close enough to work and shopping to bike or walk not only is it good for the community, it is also good for the planet. Also think before you import food products, is it really necessary to buy beer from halfway around the world when often local stuff is fresher?


Great solution!


I agree and to add to that I think most of the time localized ideas are better enviomentally. We are the ones who care in our communities. The opposite can be seen as well. In the former Soviet Union they made whole swaths of land unlivable. This destruction will last for years to come. To me it is just common sense, local is better.

In business I worked for a local company that did quite well for itself. Communication was excellent and my employees were happy, not to mention the customers. Along comes Obamacare and they were forced to sell to a multinational company. ALL of that changed, I could not get product for weeks on end, my valued long term employees were denied raises after years of work, and the customers left in droves.

In every situation the closer those in leadership are to the people the better. I would take that further and say that the best way is to make the people the leaders.

I dig it, Adam! Resteemed. Volunteerism is the way forward to freedom!!


Thank you!

One way we can all improve our local communities and environment is to plant fruit trees when we go on hikes


Great idea!

I agree, I think localization is a good pragmatic pitch, and ultimately, once voluntary association is finally respected, shouldn't people be allowed to state, or live in a society without drugs or other arbitrary interventions if they really want to and they do not coercively and arbtirarly force others under their system?

"Localization is dismantling governments from the top down"

This seems self contradictory. The top is not going to want to dismantle itself, any such effort would have to be a bottom up effort.

Happy steeming 😁😀

I agree with a lot of the notions here.

There was a time when I was so fed up with the corruption in the county I live in, that I felt that the only possible solution to stopping the abuse they were perpetrating against the local people and families would be to have a larger entity (such as federal, or even UN, as examples) come in to knock them off their high horse and reign them in.

Over about the past 15 years I have (I've always been pretty awake, but underestimated the amount of evil in the hearts of man perhaps.)

On some level I was missing that they really are all working the same agenda. I could see the machine, but there was something missing from the picture I had available to me. And then I realized I did know the big picture, but there was a false 'overlay' which had been put in place in my mind by the BS school system which had diconnected the two pictures I had my awareness. It was like a cognitive dissonance of a sort. I no longer have this issue, lol.

From my own perspective, 'they' intentionally used the corruption of local govts to get people to cry out for the bigger entity to take over, thus getting us to permission our own further enslavement. (...starting a fire to sell a bucket of water...)

I totally get your message, and mosty agree, but ONLY if HHS and CPS and all of the pedophile networks and other corrupt local entities can be dismantled in the same movement.

I think it is often overlooked how integral these local govts have become to implementing the agendas of the larger entities. Entities which we definitly know via agenda 21 and 2030, etc which have been working for ages to gain total control of every thing in this world.

There have to be solutions that can be implemented on a local level and I think that will be more difficult than people are imagining because of the connections which have been formed via relations and secret pacts, and the fact that they have for so long felt they could get away with whatever they want because no one is really paying attention to them. (But really they are often very much intertwined with the federal govt through the corruption which many people also don't seem to realize.

About 20 years ago, there was a well educated, fairly prominent woman in this area who had written a book detailing connections between this local govt ,and DC. (I didn't get to read it.) She was never able to get it published.

I'd be interested in hearing you interview people with ideas about how to really deal with these issues with respect to your larger view if you have the opportunity to do so. :)

My approach is at this point to continue creating a Permaculture Food Forest Project. This project I hope will serve to educate, and get people more involved with forming local networks of humans that are working to create something better while becoming more aware of the importance of healthy food, healthy environment, etc. (There's more but this is my simple explanation.)

Most of what I talk about seems to really confuse people at the local level at this point because it's so contrary to the programs that they have been taught in schools. Lol. I dunno. I'm doing what I can to create a better reality with it anyway. Didn't intend to write a book, just sharing some thoughts that come to mind upon reading your post. :) Have a nice day, and thank you for doing what you are able to do!


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It can be also called decentralization and I think it can become the hallmark of a true democracy in which people at the local level have more power than the central government. The central government can only deal with defense, foreign or other matters of interest.

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Ugh, sry wrong button

The government will be in the public interest, but they never do it. People will choose him who will benefit from his own country and people.

Good point well made. It is very important for a each citizen to be self dependent instead of depending on central government. Freedom is necessary for high quality life.

I am in complete agreement. While the government doesn't know its people if we go and make it local it makes it so that they can know us and we can know them. It makes it so they can actually say they know there people and their community.

Agreed, localize government all the way down to the individual, everyone is their own government. Everyone owns themselves.


very good analysis.....fully agree with you. decentralization is must to develop equally to a developing country. it is the best way to develop equally and fast. Centralization is structured and might be better for a fully developed country......but for a developing country centralization will not bring best things fast and also it can increase discrimination. the solution for a developing country to develop equally and fast is decentralization that's mean localization......cheers:-)

Very good initiative has been taken.

I want my coercive institution of control to be small and familiar with me.
Spot on Adam. Keep helping people to support(local) government.

I think even this was evident to the people of the south after the civil war. It's also what started the civil war among other things such as slavery. Your right history repeats itself.

I really enjoy every post you. visit my account pls

very nice,sir .thanks for sharing this freedom.I appreciate your kokesh.I like @sujonmia

What would happen if some governments dissolved but others did not, for example; US and EU dissolve but China and Russia do not. How would trade deals be struck? with each individual town or community? How would conflicts be solved? Would the US still have the capacity to defend itself? What happens when some regions become richer than others and corruption were to take hold? Would they re-arm and try to impose their will on surrounding regions? Could implementing AI and blockchain into government process put an end to corruption?

Great post.Volunteerism is the way forward to freedom!!all improve our local communities and environment is to plant fruit trees when we go on hikes

A successfully localized service or product is one that appears to have been developed within the local culture. Examples of localization include changing changing z's to s's for British English. ·

I've been preaching Localization for years! It was amazing when I saw it in the book!

Let me introduce myself.
i am new in steemit
but I've seen your activity for a month through google.
I can rate it ,, you do this for many people.
very few people are in the political world like you.

this is a noble deed.
I recommend to you @adamkokesh to always be vigilant.
because many bad people in politics.
I am a political victim.
I was fired from my political party
because I defend the truth
But I do not give up, because I believe, kindness will bring goodness.

hopefully your good intentions are answered @adamkokesh

I support you .


freedom is the dream of all human beings .. including me.

you create a very good program.

this is a very noble deed.
may God always protect and give the best way for this good deed.


Respect for Adam, in the introduction to the post, says: "There are two ways to remove the central government: violent collapse and peaceful transition".
I'm trying to remember how many times in history has left power left in peace?
Dominion = Power = Money
Who gives up power without fighting?
We have the most recent example of blockchain technology.
There is absolute similarity between localization and blockchain technology.
All the more by adopting blockchain and cryptocurrency, central (and all other banks) are losing ground under their feet.
Are they watching it quietly? NOT!!
Every day they invent new and new reasons to ban or regulate crypto currencies.
It seems to me that the governments are doing the same.
I agree with you that the arrival of localization as well as the adoption of crypto currency inevitably but it takes time.
A good idea is also the establishment of local communities (as the beginning of the beginning).
Central governments should deal with country defenses, outside affairs, and the like, and to leave life organized to those who live it.

Greetings from Croatia.

For youths like me, the revolution meant a challenge to find new values, problems in dealing with and that should be going through is an tangtangan in life is to be passed, a success, sometimes through it all, we as humans need a variety of input or reference can we set guidelines or views or consideration which certainly come from outside ourselves I never had pesaingan, I never suspect as an enemy, but sayaharus gained the freedom to progress (I make as experience)
In where I live many rulers of arbitrarily ruled and oppressed communities.
Responsibility is the price of freedom for any but the sovereign now ignore masyakat the poor, they are more busy enriching themselves.
Until we had to create the world we want. It all depends on our courage to get freedom (sorry I tell the story of where I live)
Thank you to have shared @adamkokesh
the location and essential freedoms that must be obtained

Localization or decentralization as the case may be, I think is the best system of governance, but an already centralized system will always oppose to it. Perhaps due to fear of loosing relevance may be as a result of feeling the locals will have a better say in the course of governance.

I’ve been working as a reporter covering local government in my hometown since 2012. Before the 2016 election, almost no one cared about local politics. Now council meetings are better attended, young people are successfully running for office and community organizations are popping up and implementing new initiatives faster than I can write about them. As much as I wish all this effort centered around the fight for liberty, the interest and involvement are there and people are movtivated like never before. This is the right time to push for this idea.

Thank you for sharing.

  ·  3년 전

Very brilliantly the localization process you write. This is really a way out of the ruling intimidation against the weak people. Lots of policies, legal processes and all the actions of the authorities who deviated from the law. This should be stopped immediately.

Localization should start from the individual, this will make it easier to localize easily in future applications for groups or classes.

Any attempt to resist the oppressor, the powers and injustices perpetrated by the authorities. Localization should be a fixed price, which should not be postponed again.

Localization is a political revolution to a peaceful world.

Thank you @adamkokesh for sharing the post.

What a great book you have written @adamkokesh!

  • And this another great chapter...

I think a much needed byproduct of localization
is competition for citizens among the now more powerful local governments.

  • In America, I think power could be given back to the states by repealing the 17th amendment.
    • This would allow the states to once again install only those Senators who would be forced to fight for state rights and stand up for the 9th & 10th amendments.
      • With less central power usurped by the Feral Government...
      • (NOTE: that was not a mistype... I coined the term March 6th, 2017 as proven by this post.
        I encourage one and all to start using this, the proper term, for our Central government!)
      • ... competition would return to the many States as they try to earn an influx of citizens from those states who do not govern for the people.
    • If we were successful in creating this environment, we might even end up with FREE Internet for everyone!
    • The states with the best ideas (less restrictions, less taxes) on their citizens, would be where people want to live.
      • Those states that would win such competitions would likely be the ones who instituted even more localization.
      • Those states who chose not to meddle in the local affairs of their citizens. A prime example would be no central funding for education. Letting local school boards make the decisions of how to best educate the local population.
    • Most states have counties. If the counties were given back their power, which has been usurped by first State and then Feral governments, then they would be in competition with neighboring counties.
      • Which should result in less taxes and less meddling in the affairs of the local citizens.
  • It would be a win-win for everyone.
    • And it all starts by forcing the decentralization of government.
      • As you so eloquently explained with your post...

I'm with you on the localization idea Adam but could you help me to explain to people in Germany, where I am living, how localization helps to decrease the chances of war as most people here are taught that the EU was the solution to stopping further wars between European countries as had happened during the two World Wars? Thanks in advance!


Crocodiles don't go vegan no matter how beautiful it sounds.

The internet seems to have had a profound effect on both fragmenting and unifying us at the same time. Not everyone is born into environments they necessarily "fit in" with, but the internet has been a blessing for those who seek to share ideas and thoughts with people they might relate to more than those they encounter in their immediate surroundings. Government involvement with internet/social media would have a devastating affect on the freedoms, opportunities and human connections many of us grew up taking for granted. It is human nature to seek those we can relate with.

Sometimes I worry the majority of people will not understand the importance of these liberties until they've already lost them. As our internet freedoms are becoming more threatened than ever, especially with some calling for new legislation, I am hoping others will "wake up" and see the parallel between decentralized internet and decentralized/localized governing. Sometimes ideas applied to specific contexts can help us see the bigger picture, much like storytelling.

I always faithfully read your post