POLICE STATE ALERT! Fake Drug Checkpoints!

4년 전

Ohio entrapment officers attempt to bamboozle their citizens. This magnified stupidity is impossible.

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wow look how young you look! haha so cute ;-)>
Of course its an important story also with powerful advise.

Good continuation

@adamkokesh We support you in what you're doing. It's so refreshing to see someone thinking outside the box in terms of our government. God will continue bless you.
thanks for reach out to us.

No worries Trump wants to execute all drug dealers so Merica will be drug free!!!

Are you actually running for president?


you are such a great steemit user dear buddy @adamkokesh you always provide some wonderful content, the high rewards you get is a clear prove that you make an amazing content. carry on buddy all the best.

The "man" will always try to drag us down. It's a mess - keep up the fight.

A bunch of bologna that is.. just about any time you see a "police department" give a statement, you can damn be sure that its a lie.

Still waiting on Vegas answers! Where is that sheriff Lombardi or whatever the hell his name was.. he's removed now isn't he, not a good enough actor lol.

I hope the citizens in that area step up and take down that corrupt shit.

Great work giving it the spotlight.


I agree, the lies abound, and it's more than obvious, but I guess that's just one measure of how powerful cognitive dissonance can be. I would even say the same goes for ANY sort of public relations statements, from ANY organization with ANY sort of perceived authority.


Yes. All bogus. All to save ass. All lies.

Why do people not realize that the U.S. is a police state? I made a video about it and the title was a rhetorical question. It really doesn't need to be asked, because it is!

my email password has been changed by my ex-husband.
I have to create a new email

People written the placard " but first we gotta see your immigration paper "
Great initiative taken by using @adamkokesh...for freedom..
I always support you @adamkokesh

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These britches do whatever they want, both the government as well as the police, they just think of their funds and bribe and not about the people, Americans will be free from the fedral government soon, we are with you.

Remember act as if. Definitely have used “am i being detained”

Wow! Please also follow @policyofliberty and @escapeamericanow. We are kindred spirits in many things!

  ·  4년 전


This is a very unpleasant topic to be involved in... I think most people here do appreciate your efforts and struggles as you confront these types of issues. Cheers

Allah will continue bless you..

happens all time to justify an arrest by the police.

I am proud of your fight oh friends. continue the struggle. social movements need a struggle like this.

What about refusing to answer questions in airport customs?

Is Federal Government in America that bad?

  ·  4년 전

Some Police officers get paid big bonuses for geting people arested.

Your papers, show me ze papers.