The twelve million dollar miner: who is @freedom?

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I'm sad to say this post will end with more questions than with answers. You may not have noticed, but about 3 months ago Steemit got a new whale. In terms of whaleballz there's only 1 account that beats it; @steemit. Literally 3% of all the steem that exists today is in this account. This is the biggest whale in the ocean, and we know so little about them. There isn't one post or even anything in the account headings.

the central challenge for my search

It matters to me as a witness because the account is witness voting. This one account without a single post is practically hand picking the top witnesses. @freedom proxies it's vote to @pumpkin, another account where it's unclear who it is. For some of the witnesses it amounts to over 30% of the power behind them. I've asked no less than 20 whales on here and not one of them has said "I know who it is." The two most common responses are "It's Dan" and "I don't know, but I know it's not Dan." Whales appear to be fairly certain that @pumpkin is Dan (possibly actually Dan's wife). I've had it suggested to me by people that I sthink would know.

Presumably I could pay for a Doxx or some shit like that, but I respect privacy that isn't built on the block. So, let's just see what we can figure out, and maybe that will share with us some clues as to who it might be, but to be clear I'm only offering questions and publicly available info on the block.

digging in

Let's start with what's publicly available on the block. We'll start at

@freedom is account 499. So, one of the things we know is that this person was one of the first members around. It's entirely possible that they are or were a Steemit Inc employee, but nothing shows me that they have to be. They are however likely friends with the founders and first devs at the very least. Not only are they rich which makes a founder want to say hi, but being the 500th person on a platform still has that "friends and family" appeal. It's also worth noting that @steem was made on 3/24/16. This account was made on 3/31/16. So, within the first week that this place existed. Hard to suggest anything other than they at least knew the founders. So, probably a bitshares hound.

Ok, well, my first thought was let's go check the wallet. There are probably some yuuuuuuuge transactions there. Turns out there isn't shit. Not a single transfer going in that could account for any of the size of this account. So, that got me thinking... how tf can you get 7Million steem into an account without a transfer. These days you can't. So, I was trying to figure that out. I moved from to checking out what I could find on

Epic powerdowns

Here's what I found-

I didn't even know the command existed, but apparently when you powerdown you can powerdown from one account into another. So, when I looked I found that there were 18 accounts that were created back between 3/30/16-4/1/16 roughly all in one night that all started powering down into the one freedom account all at once. Here are the accounts and here are their account numbers (ie test drive was the 461st account to be created on the block).

The accounts were made 3/31/16 and 4/1/16.
@testdrive 461
@skywalker 455
@simpson 458
@paladin 519
@moment 569
@microsoft 469
@klm 557
@galaxy 553
@firstclass 468
@fantasy 473
@excalibur 467
@eternity 477
@disney 564
@diaphanous 504
@butterfly 577
@books 566
@commedy 592
@bmw 566
@blackjack 476

All of the accounts use pumpkin as a proxy, and there's evidence to me that Pumpkin is another one of the accounts tied to this rather than a separate person being proxied.

So, then I started wondering how the fuck did they get those funds. Again. I started at the wallet, but as you may guess there wasn't a single transaction. So, the best info I found was at I started looking at each one of these. They all have several pages that look like this.

They're MINERS!!!

I wasn't thinking about mining first because mining was gotten rid of months ago. But these are original accounts. These are some of the first people. And mining had a cue system such that you couldn't just mine with 1 account. You had to have several accounts or you'd miss your next step in line. So, all these accounts were created to ensure they would keep getting back in the loop, but they are all the same person doing it. That's especially obvious when you check how they collectively decided to powerdown and the information for like 15 accounts is in consecutive blocks.

My leading assumption is that @dan is @pumpkin and @freedom and all these other accounts. I'm not sure about that by any means, but it's my leading theory. I've had people tell me who seem pretty certain that pumpkin is Dan, and I'm pretty certain that freedom and all the minis are pumpkin, which leads me to believe that they are all Dan.

If that's true it means Dan owns 7.2M steem through @freedom, 4.2M steem through @dan, and an extra 1M liquid steem as @dantheman. That's 5% of all the steem that exists. Who knows if he has rights to steem with @steemit account to which owns like 40% of all the steem. It would certainly stand as an ongoing challenge contributing to a very unequal distribution on the platform.

what if it isn't Dan?

I started looking at some of the other accounts to figure out if they might be the mega miner. Here are some of my leading suspects if it isn't Dan.

@blocktrades 440
@val-a 494
@mottler 102
@ben 491
@michael-a 491
@michael-b 492
@smooth 234 was mining
@batel 134 was mining
@bob 241 was mining
@alice 240 was mining

In my brain you have to be a very early adopter, possibly a Steemit Inc employee, knowledgeable about mining, a decent programmer to get the accounts to all work at the same time. Freedom is likely an old BTS hound. You also have to have a great vocabulary if you're dropping diaphanous on a name. You are also probably 40ish if you're referencing Disney and Excaliber at the same time. Those are my current thoughts on the kind of person Freedom is.

@berniesanders was a potential, but at one point they are in a flag war, so I'm pretty sure it's not the same person.

It's also possible there are still more mining smurfs that weren't tapped. So, maybe there a few other accounts that have 500,000SP that have yet to appear.

I'm just starting to poke around. It's like a little mystery to me. I think there are some good details in account history. It seems as though the miner checked in occasionally from each of the accounts. Maybe once a month or so, and I think there might be clues in there too.

Tough and personally dangerous thoughts to share

I have conflicting feelings if it is Dan. He's the founder and really the braintrust behind this. I get that he gets a phat stake in it. It makes me nervous that on the one hand he's basically left the platform except to pitch for another one (EOS), but is potentially controlling who the top witnesses are. I mean it's his stake, right. so he gets to do whatever with it, but my challenge is that I'm pretty invested here and now I have about 5 other minnows coming out of the Minnow Support Project that have put together witnesses that are focusing on this project (steemit).

It's a little daunting to think that even if we got all 2600 people that are part of the minnow support project aligned and voting that at this stage it wouldn't account for just one of his previous smurfs. So, it's hard to come to terms with the stake weighted nature that I love so much with the distribution that plagues this place and Dan may be contributing to that distribution more heavily than anyone else.

How can I get my minnows to have any stake in this place when they couldn't have taken part in mining or the vast inflationary period? How can I get my minnows into witness spots when they have to compete with 14GV upvotes at a time? How can we find an avenue for new people to have any say?

More questions than when I started

The ethics are gray to me and I'm not even sure @freedom is him... As I said, I have more questions ethically and factually than anything else at this point.

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Steem is crypto currency and tech based. Early startups are people connection based. Currency is exchangable from other wealth and tech is talent, experience, and education.

Dan or the unknown whale has more wealth outside of steem, likely more steem related tech, and likly tighter startup connections. Of course they will have 3% or 5% of the wealth. The only way they wouldn't, is of someone bigger kept them from it, or if they were so disinterested that they gave it away, or were interested in giving it away. Even gifts come with strings.

If the question is who, then great job. You have a good start in finding that out. If the complaint is that its not 'fair', then you are wrong. The 3% is fair and the hidden identity is fair. If its not fair, then try and prove it and make it fair. Think how this compares to all the other things in this world that you can't set right, and the few you can.

I upvote you because your expose and question and even your complaint are fair. I upvote the whale because they are also fair on both counts of steem share and annonomnity.

Way to go. I will favorite you. Keep up the good work.


Who are YOU? This is an excellent first comment on a new account. And @dan is the first person you follow? Maybe. But within 1 minute of making your account? Maybe. Interesting though. I have my eye on you :D . Oh, the 100 on your name.


You can search the web for raymetz100. Facebook and linkedin accounts are also raymetz100. 44yo living in seattle. Owned steem on bittrex, 48 shares for a couple months. Just now getting around to learning of the product and making myself an account. I own 130 other cryptocurrencues, most of them purchased for $10 each by trading away my btc and eth profits I earned in the last 3 years. I've invested $50 per month in crypto currencies for last three years and own $15,000 of it now. Just exploring what I can do with it here. Im a new fan of Dan, BitShares, and EOS. A month ago I didn't know of Dan or that BitShares, EOS, and Steem are connected. I didnt know the founder of ETH or what satoshi meant either the first couple years I owned the coins. Im a tech geek and programmer for last 33 years and learning this crypto stuff fast now. Nice to meet you. -raymetz100


Let me follow you then :D Curious about what you will post here, you have a nice style.


If you truely want to know who Freedom is, look back into the history of Anonymous the hacktivist group. In the early day's of Myspace Anonymous members would id there comment with anonymous.random-name. One of the most infamous trollers on MySpace was know as anonymous.freedom, just saying the person writes in the same way.


Nice. Just having a little conspiracy fun, going with the theme of the post (sort of). Good to have another knowledgeable crypto-tech geek in the mix. Welcome!




Holy shit. $12 million.


Nice post, but you've missed some evidence that is publicly available. And either you talked to the wrong whales or some of them are not telling you everything they know. (wink, wink)


Yup, the strongest candidates didn't even make the list... but I'm saying nuttin...


Oh boy, the mystery grows ever stronger

  ·  4년 전

Lucky the person that hacks Dan's computer...passwords to millions . My guess is that the folder is probably in (hobbies) from looking at the accounts names. lol


Lucky 🍀


in the gallery.

I didnt know dan was involved with EOS?


Lol, he's the creator of EOS man.


what if Dan was a part of Satoshi Nakamoto ..? how about that ?


Now that is a very interesting question! Perhaps Dan is the brain behind all blockchain.


behind Blockchain creation yes its possible but then we have Ethereum and that is Vitalik
and Vitalik and Dan they are not working together - are they?


Just based off bitcointalk archives, I'd say no.

I would have to think @freedom is an investor or something and just doesn't want his identity known.

I was just reading a similar article by @steemit-stats that I Upvoted...I will do the same for yours mate....Keep it up

I still wonder who the fuck is freedom.

But a tip to anyone who happens to read this 7 month old post, watch for when freedom converts converts SBD to Steem and vice versa, those are generally the most profitable times to do so.

The identity of the person who controls the @freedom steemit account is none of our business. There is nothing morally wrong with (a) owning 3% of the STEEM, nor (b) voting for whatever content or witness one wants to with that Steem Power.


What about openness and transparency and the core principle of the BlockChain?.. Decentralization.. we see here instances of hand picking and selecting witnesses, similar to centralized institutions.. abuse of power, no but centralized power, yes..


Go invest and create an open blockchain then. Donate your hard work to wonderful people like me to enjoy. Thank you and I hope you dont keep 3%


But in the end an investor is free to do as he/she will.


This is an interesting point, Steem is unique for blockchain tech. If somebody owns 3% or 20% of Bitcoin they actually have no more power than the guy with 1 bitcoin nor the guy with 0.1 bitcoin. This is because the only thing you do with bitcoin is hodl and spend. For Bitcoin the centralization challenges are about miners and devs, not coin owners.

However, Steem is very different. How much STEEM you own results in how much SP you can have, which is very accurately called Steem power because it does make you powerful and famous on the network. The ability to flag means you even can control future rewards if you have enough SP, effectively muting another person's voice and ability to financially gain on the platform. Additionally, you can influence who can and cannot become a witness, putting the witnesses in your control.

The other issue we face is that Steem draws in people of incredible differences in view. While Bitcoin and Ethereum tend to draw in the libertarian-capitalists and the economic speculators, Steem has those guys but the defining camps are more like: 1. Meritocrats, 2. Techno-Tea Party. These ideologies are absolutely in conflict with each other, as one group wants the blockchain to maintain a status of content purity and the other seeks an economic revolution.

The best suggestion I've heard is that the oracle idea should be a sidechain that allows absolute purity from spam and other junk for global archiving of human knowledge, while Steem as the main chain is allowed to be more flexible.

  ·  4년 전

There's nothing morally wrong with it. I just don't like to fight for breadcrumbs while the rich are eating cake. So this is a factor in deciding whether to invest my time in Steem.

I have now 200 questions...😁👍🏼
1st one: are you human?...


What if 90% of Steemit is just bots and we're part of the few human ones here? DUN DUN DUNNN


Ummm, I thought that was common knowledge...

Soon we will have Steemit conspiracy theories in PDF. I really don't care about all those accounts as long as they are not disturbing the community and manipulating the market. If that happens, we'll, there won't be anything we could do, which is sad since this community has a great spirit. Upvotr. @aggroed

What a great research. That makes me wonder how many of 250k accounts are real accounts. Everybody making alternate accounts. Would it be accurate to say we have 50k unique users and probably 10k active users?

Which makes me doubt steem becoming mainstream anytime soon. Am I wasting time here?

If steemit alone owns 40%, makes steem very centralized.

I guess I am just having pessimistic day.


"Which makes me doubt steem becoming mainstream anytime soon. Am I wasting time here?"

Probably not, this just isn't all that different from its alternatives as it purports to be, most likely. And it's not pessimistic in the least to consider it.

The Steemit beta allowed its founders to demonstrate a new model of blockchain function, technological form and mass adoption, and gave its content contributors an opportunity to get more than what they would have gained elsewhere in terms of return on their sweat equity.

It just isn't the second coming, that's all.

Plenty of opportunity here still to be had, especially for those who branch out beyond just blog posting and into some of the other creative endeavors I've seen lately. And especially most especially for those who find ways of capitalising on Steemit's community that don't exclusively rely on Steemit itself.


That is an interesting thought. The value of your connections on Steemit may not end up related to Steemit itself


I think most of the cryptos will be "centralised" very soon. If all the big whales or miners just keep the coins they can influence/manipulate the market like they want. It can only be a revolution if everyone in the world would have some coins..but it can´t be like that, people need a leader and strict rules, or they will live like animals...

mystery unsolved


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Hi @aggroed I read this article with great interest and at the end of it all that came out of my head was "WHAT?" - what is a witness and why does it matter who @pumkin @steemit @dan or whomever is? What am I missing??? I've only been here less than 2 weeks 😳


Witnesses are people/teams/companies that produce blocks on the blockchain. This is a means of securing the information stored on the network and verifying that it is actually there and actually happened. This is especially important for information related to buying/selling and trading, however, it is also very important for some people in the use case of free speech being permanent and not capable of being censored or deleted: immutable.

Talk to us @freedom

A very enlightening post. I will be following this going forward.


I would say that based on these revelations, 99% of Steemit users would estimate that they have little or no control over the direction of the platform. Regardless of how much work is done by the 99%, the 1% could pull the plug at any time and walk away with whatever profit has been accumulated on the platform. Not that this is likely to happen, as the premise of this cryptocurrency holds good in the minds of most of the 90%, and people will keep putting time and money into it. IMO, not worth wasting a lot of time for a few cents on each post, particularly if the next hardfork continues the downwards trend in earnings for most users.

Hey @freedom how about some free steem for everybody, please please!! : )

Very interesting post @aggroed I do agree with your assumption, those 3 accounts are probably controlled by the same person.

great post, straight to the point. I hop hf20 will distribute the power more. hf19 distributed some of it and it was met with positive reviews

And a new job is born: The crypto detective or crypto forensic lol

Wow that's a loooooot of Steem for a single individual. You really dig deep into this Mayor. Really intrigued how this will unfold.

Wild west man. Nothing is what it seems and what something seems that it could be might be nothing at all.

Wild wild world.

In an interview with Dan I once seen on YouTube, he mentioned that an anonymous third party put up the funding for development of either steem or steemit (I don't recall which one).

My guess, is that the at @freedom account is held by this same entity.

One would think that, if this is accurate, the choice of username would speak to the financer's good intentions in regards to the conception of Steemit.

However, in this world, things are often the exact opposite of what they claim to be, so I am forced to remain skeptical about Steemit's intended function in society until I know more.

I'm still enjoying the fact that there are so many like-minded people in the same place that I can support and converse with... But, perhaps all of those who are a bit more awakened congregating in the same place isn't so wise...

Good investigation. I'd love to know if you ever find out what's going on there..

Well damn, that's some top notch investigative work, and you've just gotten started @aggroed. Not quite "the Steemit Papers" over here, but veerrry innneresting to say the least...

"It makes me nervous that on the one hand he's basically left the platform except to pitch for another one (EOS), but is potentially controlling who the top witnesses are."

That's really the only thing that bothers me about all this, if it is Dan or some earliest adopter via friends and/or family. A lot of the contributors on here seem to have a level of Whale worship and Steemit naïveté that I'm just not comfortable with, and touting the platform as being some "work hard earn hard" scheme to the average joes, whilst simultaneously using an otherwise unachievable level of control to manipulate who will be the witnesses you're purporting to be part of an equalisation method, smacks of hypocrisy to me.

Steemit and Steem are great concepts and revolutionary developments, and Dan is a genius, but none of this is worth shit without its contributors irrespective of whatever he built, and however long ago he built it. I just wish people would consider that more often.


The whale worship that I've see so far is pretty much all avarice based, as far as I can tell. Everybody's trying to attract the attention of someone who will plop a big fat upvote on their post. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be getting more rewards for my posts also, but I don't expect it to be handed to me by someone with whale power. Hell, I don't even have a clue to how to convert steem to usd, so for me, this is as much a challenge as anything else. For me, it's like, how much steempower can I get, and how long will it take to get to 500 sp? Meanwhile, I just try to put out reasonably good content...

Wow. Just wow. That is a hellavuh rabbit hole you've found yourself in this time 😁

I hope you find the bottom, and figure out what exactly is going on, and who's doing what.

Upvoted for your effort but as far as viability of platform I don't think it matters. I am no personal fan of Facebook but Zuckerberg controlling 51 percent of the company doesn't seem to cause any problems.


Well, the fakebook platform doesn't let him mine likes that he can sell for dollars on an exchange, as SP lets one mine the rewards pool. However, @freedom isn't mining rewards. Doesn't even post.

Does it matter who they are, as long as the witnesses they are voting for arn't horrible?

Also, Steem was announced via a thread on Bitcointalk on March 24th 2016:

Any of the people in that thread could be your miner (and there are a lot of them)


That's a great lead.

i agree with you these accounts are probably controlled by 1 person, great post!

It is interesting indeed. I recently read this post: that was talking about the superiority of the Steemit style of governance.

But, it looks like this style governance is still subject to a massive centralization of power...

Good stuff, thank you

The plot thickens ;)

Straight Dollars... WOW!

This is very interesting article that's rising some real questions that probably wont be answered! it's so good you noticed something weird on the Steemit blockchain.

You are doing great with the research and spying, I hope you will get the answers soon and we will get to know who Freedom is actually.

Very interesting observation. Conspiracy or not, I like the way you laid out your assumptions, backed up with information your could sort and laid your findings in a question format, rather than, conclusive all knowing god (like conspiracy theorists do)...kudos.

Upvoted and followed

You have done a lot of research. But still have no clue what any of this means, however I loved reading it. Very interesting.

Thanks for standing up for the minnows. This really is pretty scary if your theory is true.

Very depressing for someone like me who is not talented to blog or connected to curate or get curated. I think my account will never exceed the 50 dollars it had and still have for a long time now

A fantastic post @aggroed! I have been following you for a while and am aware of your role in the#minnowsupportproject but haven't read your posts for a long time I'm sad to say. To be honest I'm not really technically minded and since a lot of your posts deal with the workings of the platform, I don't tend to read them but this one grabbed my attention in the feed and I am very glad to have read such a well written piece. You have gone to a lot of effort in researching this.

You are clearly very passionate about seeing steemit succeed and keeping things fair around here and it is very much appreciated by myself and I am sure many, many others.

Hope your day is going well and thanks again!


Thanks Tony this place can build abundance. That's the dream. I'll keep looking out for it.


Everywhere it comes with some kind of difficulty to enter into an established community. Everywhere you need to work for your returns and STEEM is no free lunch either. Post, make yourself known, be true and upright, and your success will come over TIME. Some people have a head start now, as they were working on their reputation since many months, but that does not mean, that new people have no chance. In 1 year you are the one with a head start and still new people are coming. And so on and so on. Way of life.
Are you not buying silver, because you say, nah, 10 years ago it was $5 and only then it was worthy to invest in it, because now it is too expensive? Are you not buying Bitcoin, because there is a rich-list of wealthy accounts? For sure not.

@aggroed You know this is very interesting, a few reasons you touched on. When you have a few with majority control we lose the security of the platform itself - it goes against the point of the masses voting for the witnesses to maintain balance and stability.

A friend an I were just talking the other night about how in time governments, or their agencies, could infiltrate crypos in this very same way. If you become the biggest miners, setting up multiple operations, which a government can afford to do, to get a majority of the confirmation stakes, pushing out your competition, you can almost hijack a blockchain and then inject or track data in at will. Anything is possible when you report to nobody.

Hopefully this new account has good intentions. :-)


Well it's been here from the first week. Just all pooled now.


Oh I see, it's just a blind account with no posts or community interactions. Interesting though.


I was going to ask if the account is listed in steemwhales, when I realized that bit I can do myself. It´s actually number 4 in the ranking by value, with about $ 11 million. I think that would be dollars, or an estimate of dollar value.

Thank you for this interesting post. I keep learning and understanding a little bit more every time. This is a complicated environment, I must say.

Are you absolutely certain this isn't a crypto-punk spy thriller?

@freedom controls 6 of the top 50 spots in the witness pool. If they removed their vote, those 6 would not have enough other votes to be in the top 50. So yeah, if @freedom is a group which includes the original developers, who are the same ones making the changes as Steemit Inc., and include those who are in the top 20 Witnesses raking in $2 Million per year just for that (assuming they pull their money out before crypto crashes), then it's government of the geeks, by the geeks, and for the geeks, and the rest of us are just getting tossed bones, and they have little incentive to change what works for THEM.

Alright @aggroed, your hard work has impressed me sufficiently to let you know.

But, let's just keep this between the 2 of us, OK?

That's e pretty good and deep research and theory, do you know if is that possible for normal humans like me to do some mining here too ? or this is the kind of things only the friends of the Steemit CEO knows about ?


Mining is gone for now. Maybe HF20.


Thanks! I'll keep an eye on it


First time I hear about mining.. if you have witnesses then what is mining good for? Also what is

14GV upvotes


After reading this, I understand the big picture. History Lesson! Followed.

I cant wait for the eventual documentaries about the early days of things like Bitcoin and Steemit when more information is uncovered or folks decide to tell their stories.
Will make for interesting viewing like the early days of microsoft or video game consoles.

I am very glad, @aggroed, that as a steemit witness, you are bringing this issue to the fore. There is a whatsapp chat group I created (Steemit Nigeria Community), where we discuss issues that affect us as Nigerians in steemit. A few days ago, we had this heated discussion about some Steemians, who have 5-10 accounts. I was really shocked to hear that and termed it- abuse. Besides, I promised to get in touch with 2 or 3 witnesses and those who have higher stakes than I do in Steemit to enlighten me on the issue of a Steemian having up to 10 accounts, very likely for purposes that may not be to the benefit of many here. Personally, I don't think it's right, but I'm neither a whale nor a witness. I'm only but a Steemian who very recently evolved into a #dolphin. Sincerely, I hope that this wonderful search which you've done will go a long way to enlighten us about these kind of anonymous, but very powerful accounts, so that we can make informed decisions . Thank you very much, @aggroed. Well done!!!


I think the issue is tranperency. I have about 6 accounts but they serve different purposes. I try to be crystal clear they are mine. That's the difference here and the scale.


Absolutely agree, @aggroed. I have 2, a personal account and then a second one which is for my first steemit project. Most people know about it and just like you've stated, I'm quite open about it. Yes, the issue of scale is another very serious one. Well, those who have the heavily weighted accounts could argue that they used their money to fund those accounts, so it's debatable. The question that is begging for answer is - where is the much talked about equality if one person owns about 40% of all the steem?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter!
Interesting observations @aggroed!

Considering that more than 80% of steem was mined at the beginning by the creators of that platform, it is quite obvious that is one of them. There is an advantage which is +controlling the supply of steem and therefore preventing a rapid decline in value. The disadvantage is complete centralisation which is contrary to the internet of value .

I am not quite sure what are you talking about, but as I was trying to follow your thought they sound like a breach within the STEEMIT community. I guess I could be wrong... :(

@freedom made it too obvious to figure him out easily. but its all logical. he is Zuckerberg. And his Orwellian username clearly states why he came here with his money. Censoring. I cant say much, but details are sick. He will sell FB to Yahoo before september, and power it all up here.

It was nice to be here, ive had really good time.

Hi 👋🏼 friend! You have a very interesting page, I will follow it and recommend it to others! Rate my first post please!

nice postt!!

ddamn, give me the millions haahaa

It is impressive that you made so much of research on finding who this whale is. I inly hope that things stay good at steemit and we all grow.

Thats interesting. I had no idea that the peraon behind EOS was behind STEEM as well.

That is a whole lot of money tied up into a new cryptocurrency...especially with the site still in beta? My guess it's someone connected as you mentioned, CEO or employee etc. Maybe it's a vote of confidence, it's them putting their money where their mouth is if you will. Their so sure Steemit will break out, that their letting that kind of cash ride. Anyhow, I'm just a small fish in a big pond and hope they have good intentions.

Thank you for looking into it! We all want a fair stake, however small that stake might be on the platform. Dan is in doubt. I'd hate to see another HF just to solve an inequity problem, because too many HF's can quickly discredit a currency.

I guess you have to ask, how big a problem is it really, aside from personal feelings.

Great research. If its really Dan who has a habit of jumping ship to different projects that is not a good situation.

whoa I can't believe I read the whole thing. I mean I can ... I love detective novels . It is scary to think one controls so much of the "bonds" . What will happen to the price when /if he wants to sell ?


That's also a good question. There are a few similar questions...

This inequality is why I want Steemit and a lot of the whales to keep dumping. Its painful at first, but it can help.

A much better situation would be to talk all the whales into creating an affiliation program that they all donate a percentage of their STEEM to so that Steemians can be rewarded for on-boarding millions of people onto Steem.

It could be really simple, 5 STEEM to new members and 5 STEEM to the affiliate. This gives the new user a minimum of SP needed for activity, gives referrals a small reward and boosts Steem's popularity.

This model is being used by Coinbase, some other exchanges, Bitcoin Cash and BitcoinHex. Give Steem away to fellow Steemians happens, but we could accomplish more by giving away to people that don't own STEEM yet.

Great investigation and fair thoughts.. Its is all one big mystery or more likely many mysteries.
Does that mean that if they never vote their share of the steemit pool is never actually allocated? and is more or less dead monies?

Highly rEsteemed! Excellent work @aggroed. I really appreciate this research. I'm going to have to read it a few times though. It's a lot to work with. Thank you and SteemOn!


What do you expect? its an account that is as old as steemit itself so it has to have been either Dan, his relatives or spouse or any of the early guys around then.

I never dared to write about it and I think quite a lot of the early Steemians are in the same position...


Yeah, I bet in the early days it was one of those "Don't go there" topics. I guess now it's no big deal. We'll see. Lol. Repercussion slaps on Steemit aren't always immediately delivered [case in point - dan vs. bernie. That was a vendetta, but I'm not going to elaborate].


Yeah. It's interesting topics but there's always draw back when talking about what some people would rather see us not talking about.

That is something to look upon

Its none of my buisness. But interesting to read as a newb. Or minnow as you say. Tanks

Dayummmm that's a whole lotta Steem for just one person. Now I know why Dan is the man lol. I agree with you @aggroed that there is a serious distribution problem - how can minnows have any influence around here if there's so much GV for one person albeit across several accounts? I wouldn't be surprised if the steemit account is mostly just Dan too!

Maybe that's what the next HF should be about - properly redistributing ALL OF THE STEEM from these mega accounts across the entire platform!


I'm probably the least likely opponent of that particular idea, but I am so against the thought, even the thought, of taking someone else's money, I hardly know what to say (and for anyone that's read one of my posts, you know that is not like me either). Maybe you didn't think about it that way, I dunno. But you are talking about someone's personal assets.

I just can't even. Literally, even.

Wow you really went deep into this one.

I believe that if you create something and share it with the world for them to profit you should have the right to get the bigger stake since it's your creation. But always play a fare game in which the people can feel they are not being manipulated into generating money for YOU.

I thinks it's similar to what we saw with Google and the many legal sh*t they went through last year.

Hope you get to the bottom of this and shed some light on this matter.

Impressive, that such a huge account just comes out now... anyway, your last paragraphs are key here and yes, it has all the potential to affect the future of STEEM dramatically. Have a look at a corresponding piece I wrote about the subject of STEEM coins biggest vulnerability, that @aggroed realized here as well:

It's a bit of a read, also my responses in the comments, but it's REALLY worth the time. Even if you don't believe in future-telling, the raised issues are real.

In that case, STEEM is not better than the outer world, where 1% of people have the VAST majority of wealth. And the system supports the wealthy, so whoever has a lot gains a lot more. So, we're all just humans as it seems and the bright new world many are hoping to come with digital currencies and crypto is just an illusion. BUT there is always hope. We can shape this baby with the right tunes in future HFs.

I don't blame Dan for making such an account and accumulating wealth, if it is him. Who wouldn't do the same? It's not a coincidence this account is called freedom - that's exactly what it is supposed to give to him and his family. Although, by now it's not really needed anymore. With the income from EOS Dan get's BILLIONS, who needs the millions then.

It would be a catastrophe for the value of the STEEM coin if these are getting cashed out. So, keeping them as SP at least gives some kind of power over a brainchild of oneself. Dan cannot own a STEEM company by design, it's a public blockchain. A wealthy account is the second best option and only understandable considering human nature. But with great power comes great responsibility ; )

My gut tells me its dan and his wife. He better stop this shit or the universe will get him


I understand your feelings but please keep it nice :) that's what makes Steem great IMO.


I have no personal feelings at all towards any of this. I have faith in the universe.

What I meant is that if you have noticed people doing the wrong thing are getting busted, fired, and caught. The people who are doing the right thing are getting blessed. So if this is dan doing this it obviously isn't the right thing. I hope if this is true he changes his action or someone will replace him. the universe doesn't mess around

Namaste :)


Alright then :)

Very interesting... a Steemit mystery! It could possibly be @dan but there are a few other possibilities too. Perhaps I'll delve into this a little deeper and see what I can come up with. The witnesses they've voted for might reveal some clues.

Great investigation. Better to be a small fish and loose less until we know more.

Wow, what a great investigation! But strangely enough, with all the openness of the detachment - this is a very mysterious place, and here it is very easy to conspire. I noticed this for a long time :)


Very interesting stuff. Good digging (so far). My favorite part was the "You are also probably 40ish if you're referencing Disney and Excaliber at the same time." hahaha


Ami wrong? I grew up to that. I'm 38.


No , no haha. You're spot on!

Dig your analysis and time digging around for info. Thank you. Re-steemed.

wow thats so intrested

"Tough and personally dangerous thoughts to share" - if thoughts like these can't be shared, the platform has failed. This is a great post and I hope to see you do more work like this, I'm sure you'll find support for it in the future.

The distribution is the main thing I dislike in Steemit, it's the one thing slowing down the adoption between the cryptocurrency people. Otherwise everyone would be on it already as it would be like goldrush, but now we're entering a built city that has all the services established already.

Hope to see more from you in future.


Remarkably prescient comment, imho, about the adoption of Steem being held back...

Imma think on that.

I would really like to be able to say it was me.

I loved following along with your detective work, very impressive. This is so intriguing, I wonder if we'll ever find out who it is?

  ·  4년 전

good ninght guys

You got my witness vote for this deep mysterious post @aggroed :) UV/RS!


Thanks Hunter. Appreciate that!


Witness vote cast yest. as well for you - all my 25M vests against @freedom!! :)

This topic is obviously of some interest to you. You are putting hours into the research

If you look at the names on the original white paper, isn't that a clue to some of the accounts. All the white paper names got a small starting stake when STEEMIT launched

Nice to see some one caring for the peeps!

Another way to look at this is if someone is going to have more control over Steemit than most, I would prefer it to be Dan and his family. They have an interest in Steemit being a success which in turn benefits us all. Imagine if someone with less than these good intentions bought a huge amount of Steem my opinion if one of the founders has this power, it is a safeguard for us....not an impediment. Just looking at the other side of the to speak:)


You are quite correct. One caveat is that past performance is no guarantee of future results. As @aggroed points out, the platform itself is kind of at the mercy of such capital accumulations. What if the holder of @freedom just changes their mind?

Awesome stuff. Great attention to detail in this post. Keep it rolling :)

Very well researched article and thought provoking questions. Watching with interest for more & upvoted and resteemed.

Nice digging! Is there any way to see the email attached to an account? That could provide a lot of information

You deserved to be followed and upvoted, you got it...

He could be a alien? OMG!! Run....

Good digging @aggroed!!!
Good stuff right here!

This is interesting stuff to say the least...

Shall we see how deep the rabbit 🐰 hole goes?

Dig and Steem on! 🐳


If the info stream consumes you for four hours or more from this blue pill please consult your dr!

Great investigative skills, and inductive/deductive reasoning!

This is a good contribution to transparency.

got a truck load of rope ,batteries,oxygen tanks,water,and MRE's...
how many weeks are we going to be gone?

i am not miner but is interesting this information

Man, I read every word of this and it fascinates me too. I didn't even know about the mining and stuff originally. I am only now learning about witnesses and what they do. A lot of this is new to me and incredibly interesting. You post is awesome and I think you came to some very logical "conclusions". Very nice post. You got a new follower.

Also, how can I be part of the minnowsupportproject. I share stuff all the time trying to help minnows, but you are doing it on a whole different level. Let me know if I can help.

Who is @freedom? He's the one laying on a beach in the Caribbean 🏖, sipping a cocktail with a little straw hat ⛱️, with a big smile on his face 😀


@drakos, I think I know who you are implying @freedom could be. Guess what? When I first read, @freedom, he was the first person I suspected. Anyway, I might be totally wrong. Witness @aggroed is very smart , so your comment will give him a clue as to who @freedom might be.

  ·  4년 전

Very interesting post! Isn't it forbidden to have more than 1 account on Steemit? But this is probably a new rule and if it's Dan...


It isn't forbidden. You simply only get one free one. I have more than one because I am NSFW but my other account is SFW and I wouldn't want someone accidentally seeing something they can't unsee.

Woa!!! Interesting stufff!!!

My curiosity is peaking at the moment.

A lot to learn here on Steemit.

This is great.... I love articles on this website so far just only a month here.... Great article this one too :)

Good luck with your investigation Sherloggroed :)

Can I have one of this Dan vote.. I think it is something 2100 steem $ just one vote :)))

Incredible investigation thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

It is amazing the kind of effort and time you put into this post. I am pretty new here i do not understand half of what you wrote but one has to recognise hardwork when one sees it. I hope you unravel this steemit mystery sooner than later. Keep up the good work

@aggroed, thanks for the information, but it only makes me feel like i would be wasting my time here

These giant accounts don't vote, except sometimes to downvote. They are being diluted every single day as a result. "Your minnows" are actually getting their stake from the dilution of major dormant accounts like @freedom


Demo! Lovely to see you on my wall. It's great. It's gonna take a very long time to inflate away freedom I think :P


At a dilution rate of ~7%* per year for an inactive stakeholder, it will take less than 10 years for its proportionate stake to be halved.

That's eons in the crypto space but it's not so much in the domains of traditional business. And it is so much better than traditional finance where the rich have a larger proportionate stake every year, not smaller.

* made constant for simplicity


Thanks for this information. It isn't something that had occurred to me.

I believe the mystery account to be that of Bitcoin's founder:
Max Keiser !
My apologies for the spolier !
Upvoted, re-steemed and re-followed for all that you do for the minnow community - thank you @aggroed !



I thought that was one Mr Nakamoto S. A Max Keiser? Really?


Could be, both are speculation, jury is out ! Just having a little fun :)


HAHA! All hail to the Keiser :D


You nut!! LOL

Wow that's a lot of research you did there. Great job though regardless who it is or what happens you did a lot of work. 👍

Dude you are some real detective material. We share common interests, welcome to my feed page :)

Hmm.. Good post, looks like the decentralized is after all centralized.. Sad..

Tim Hello Zappl,

I am holder of a very large Zappl (top 10) and have friends in the top 10 as well.

I believe your idea has merit strong (integrating Exchange) but think about the following.

Business is war.

What do I mean?

It is better to offer a quick product Alpha, get some marketshare, mindshare, network effects, etc out there.

You have the chance to destroy Twitter. In my humble opinion (as Webmaster of the Internet during the last 15 years), let go of your product as quickly as possible (obviously with no one could hack in) and then fix it. Your great layout just let go of it and integrate other features later.

Dont get distracted.

Just my 2 cents.
good luck @aggroed

Only future can tell us anyways good research....

One reason why a person would want to be ina crypto world, it is being anonymous. :D

Congratulations @aggroed!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Mining was very lucrative because of the difficulty involved for the average miner. Those that did mine made a killing especially if they mined in multiple accounts. I find it interesting that they want to bring back mining in hardfork 20 for account creation with scrypt miners but it wont be true mining on the chain. Looks to me like the scrypt hash will be diverted for something else.

That is one one helluva research project you've been working on. Very interesting read. I find these sort of topics very fascinating myself. Hopefully you began finding answers to your questions. Great investigative work

More than a highly interesting post.

I had no idea that was even a thing here. Makes me very concerned with how much trust is put into witness when a single account holder controls the top like that. Even more so with how transparency works for giving a new account power down SP. Makes me want to do some digging of wallets and the blockchain myself.

What to do then, if it isn't Dan or any one working for steemit, who would be responsible for helping you track these individuals?


No one is responsible to track individuals on Steemit, except those that undertake the obligation. The tools are publicly available, if it's something you would like to do.

Nice piece of work. I much appreciate this.

@aggroed if I remember correctly then Bernie sanders did say that he had multiple accounts on here so there is a good chance it could be him.

But aside from all that, it would genuinely be horrible if it turns out that 50% of the power lies with the owner. It wouldn't really be a democracy on here anymore and the irony here is that the freedom account would be the one taking the freedom away from the people.....

I'm gonna follow you so I don't miss out on any updates on this story and I hope you're gonna dig deeper into this mystery. Best of luck!


Interesting points. It brings to mind questions about what liberty actually is. Can people be considered free if they are wholly owned chattel, but the owner never interacts with them at all? Weird.

Steemit, AFAIK, was never intended to be a democracy, which is based on one person one vote, and egalitarianism. Steemit was designed as a plutocracy (a pejorative word, but one which particlularly applies to Steemit), as it is one Steem Power, one vote. Money IS votes on Steemit.

It is the benevolence of the whales that provides the appearance of democracy - which is what prompted my first question. We aren't chattel, but neither are we equal, on Steemit.

One hell of an investigator

Many questions indeed about this account!

My curiosity too has made go check out the account, @freedom and I found something interesting on the blockchain. @kid4life states categorically that he knows @freedom. This might help in further investigation, @aggroed.


Kid is a bit of a troll and that's a joke post.


Oh really? I see. Didn't know that kid was joking.


Should I troll some more? Interesting how my friend found this comment on google, lolz...

Good trolling :*

This was without a doubt one of the most interesting and intriguing posts I have read in a while. I featured it in my "MUST READ POSTS" article.
Thanks for all you do for this community, even if I wrote a whole article about what u have done I would miss a lot.
Best Regards~*~


Thanks! I'd love your witness vote! I'll check that article out now.


I haven't check who I have my votes allocated to in a while. Maybe time to do so!

Things that you you go, "hmmmm....????"
I guess it's not me. Shucks!

Your quite the Steemvestigator!

I'm late to the party, but glad I showed up. I have recently posted a tripartite series, and part three deals with this subject. I have much to learn from you, and would appreciate any thoughts you might share on my latest post.

I don't want to link it here and be all spammy, and am sure if you want to have a look you can find it easily enough.

Thanks for all you do here, and for this example of issues that aren't commonly understood.

Bravo POst! :)

I would love to see some type of mining come back in HF20. I know there was talk about a token for creating accounts that would be mineable .

Very good investigation work here @aggroed very imformative.


Tryin to make sure you have a future as a witness


But please only if it is possible for the average Joe to mine. Otherwise it only appears to be democratic on the outside, because only geeks with dedicated mining equipment (some machine that runs 24/7 and the money to buy it) are able to participate. That does not close the 1% vs. 99% gap so significantly. By best chance it will make it a 2% vs. 98% gap. Not the future I was hoping for...


Hehe you should talk about Craig Wright about that, since I saw his presentation on the Future of Bitcoin 2017....


You don't happen to have a link? ;) :P
And when thinking about the mining of Bitcoin, well, that for sure is not a sustainable system considering the energy loss. At least as long we cannot harness alternative energy sources efficiently enough. That makes other systems like STEEMs DPOS so attractive. Although this has its delecate flaws as well as we can see now (as it is based on popularity, leaving many behind). So... in 20 years maybe we can mine by burning energy again :D


That was mysterious thanks for sharing this buddy :)very nice and detailed artical.

Really great investigative work. I saw the @freedom account and was like woah!! Makes sense it is dan.

Interesting detective work!

I really enjoyed the progression of your hypothesis, quite entertaining actually.
Wasn't really aware about most of this either since I joined steemit after the initial mining period.