2년 전

Yesterday, I came to a realization. We did this to ourselves. We accepted acts and we made them normal. We took behaviors and acts and we put names and tags on them. We made right and we made wrong.


We followed the majority forgetting that being a minority did not mean being less than.
We forgot that no body is the same, and our differences are what makes us human.
Even when deep in our bones we knew we were not doing right by ourselves. We still continued until we reached this point.

This point where we are brainwashed by our norms and ways. Where how to act and talk, has been so strongly inputed in us that being something other than that has been classified as wrong, or weird or strange.


But who decides what we are. Who has the right to put tags on what and who we are. Why must we be tagged or classified under anything. Why can't I just be me? Why can't I be whatever and everything I want to be? Why must I be anything?!!


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