The Freedom To Sell A Controversial Service

3개월 전

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world and it involves thousands of innocent individuals getting swept up into the victimization.

These are victims that are forced into the market, they have not decided to enter it willingly and they do not make the choice to engage in this behavior on their own.

It is not the same thing as the sex work industry in general, where two consenting adults for example choose to exchange that service and money with one another. This is an arrangement in the market that involves only those parties who are making the agreement, the two consenting adults making the decision to exchange the service. And since it is their own free will to make that choice, to choose what they do with their own bodies, it is their liberty to engage in that industry if they choose to.

Supporting someone's right to engage in that industry does not equate to supporting the market demand itself.
They aren't the same thing. I can support someone's right to smoke without myself starting an addictive habit. You can support someone's right to drive a car but you might never want to get your license and get out onto the road.
All adults who wish to work in that industry should have every right to, and if they did and there weren't such a stigma against it then it would be safer for them and it would take power away from true criminals and predators in the market that exist.

Do you only support freedom that aligns with your prejudice?
If you support individual liberty and freedom then that must include supporting the right of individuals to live their life in-line with their own will, so long as it is peaceful and doesn't harm anyone else.
You can be against human trafficking and in favor of adults making their own decision to willingly and freely enter the sex industry market. They aren't the same thing.

Trying to impose your own rigid and hypocritically subjective morality onto others, by banning sex work because you are against human trafficking for example, doesn't make any sense. Banning this service is giving the government power to senselessly and unjustly infringe upon the right of other people to choose to enter into a peaceful and willing exchange.

It makes a difference, learning to engage in critical thinking to the point that you don't make the mistake of conflating the actions of consenting adults who are offering a service willingly, with children and other victims that have been kidnapped and forced against their will to enter an industry they want nothing to do with. It isn't the same thing. Criminalizing this industry only makes it more dangerous for those working within, it doesn't prevent the demand whatsoever which is glaringly obvious by the fact that this is still for thousands of years now one of the oldest professions.

Just like with any other industry in the market, if you're looking to foster freedom, prosperity, and better results or conditions, then the government needs to get their coercion out of it.


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