Use Whatever Grapes You Want

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If you want to make your own wine and sell it on the market then you should be able to source your grapes from wherever you want.
After all, you are not forcing a single person to buy your wine, you are offering it to them and they can make the choice. If they don't like the quality or price etc, they can go on to choose another item or refuse to try it.

But there are restrictions that the government imposes that prevent wine makers from sourcing their products from certain places.
For example, they might require a wine maker to make and sell his product using only materials and services that come from his own state. But what if he can find better grapes in another area and offer a better product on the market as a result? A cheaper product or a product that tastes better? That individual should have the freedom to choose whatever grapes they want to use.

In Minnesota, winemakers there recently won that freedom.

Any law forcing those winemakers to only purchase grapes from their own state has been deemed unconstitutional and they are free to look elsewhere to source what they need.

The idea behind such a restriction in the first place, might have been to help local growers compete with those that are already established, by forcing individuals to use their products to make their wine. But that isn't what market success should look like. People never get the best product for the best price when you force them to choose between few options for how to put that product together or offer that service. Creativity flourishes in freedom, not senseless restriction.


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But... but... but... tainted alcohol, or something


but. but.. insert fear lol


that was the point ;). You haven't seen that stupid meme about Rand Paul, Aynd Rand going into a bar and dying of alcohol poisoning?