Places In INDIA Where Is No Entry For INDIANS

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Hello, Steemers How Are You,I Hope You All Are Fine, Today I Am Back With A New Interesting Article Which Is Related To india So Let's Start.
Apart The Caste, Religion, Culture And Traditions In Our Country, Diversities Are Seen In Many Other Things, Despite This Our Country Also Offers A Unique Example Of Unity In Diversity Across The World. By The Way, Indians Have Been Given The Freedom To Live In Any Corner Of The COUNTRY. But There Is Some Place Like This. Where Indians Can Not Go But Foreign Bar Can Go To The Bar.
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This Is Not A Movie Where It Is Written That Indian And Dogs Are Not Alowed You Must Be Thinking That Such A Thing Can Not Happen In India Where There Is A Barrier To India Where The Knowledge Of Indians Is Forbidden, But This Is True. The Entry Of Indians To These Indian Places Is Strictly Forbidden. Indians Are Not Allowed To Visit These Places While Owner's Of Some Of These places Are Also Indian. Let Me Tell You About Such Places. Where Indians Are Not Allowed To Go.

Uno Inn Hotel in Bangalore

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In 2012, NIPPON INFRASTRUCTOR Built This Hotel Named Yoono In Bangalore. The Purpose Of Which Was To Provide The Japanese Food To Their Choice. Although Initially There Was No Restriction On The Arrival Of Indians In This Hotel But After Some Of The Accidents In 2014, There Has Been A Ban On The Arrival Of Indians.

Broadlands hotel in Chennai

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Located in Chennai, South India, Broadlands Hotel Was Formerly Known As Highlands. This hotel Has Been Banned From Coming To India. Let Us Tell You That Earlier This Hotel Used To Be In The Territory Of A Regional king,
But Now Entry Only Given To The Foreigners who shows there Passport.

Foreigners of Goa's Only Beach

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There Is A Crowd Of Tourists All Year Round To Fun In Goa's Beautifull Beaches, But There Are Many Such Areas Where Indians Are Not Allowed To Enter. Indeed, The Foreigners Who Come In The Middle Wear Different Types Of Clothes Which Indian Feel Uncomfortable, Therefore They Have Been Banned From Coming Here.

Free Kasol Cafe of Himachal Pradesh

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Foreigners get entry in the free kasol cafe made in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, but Indians are not allowed to come to this cafe. It is said that after showing the passport in this cafe, only foreigners are allowed entry, whereas the entry of Indians is completely blocked.

Foreigners Only Beach in Puducherry

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Puducherry, Famous Its Beautiful Beaches, Is Famous All Over The World, But Indians Here Are Not Allowed To Enter The Foreigners' Only Beach. Here Attracts Nature Lovers Very Much, But The Real Fun Of Tourism On Foreigners Only Beach Is That Only Foreigners Can Get Lifted Because Indians Do Not Have An Entry Here.

It Is Surprising To Know That Foreign Tourists Can Come To These Places In India But They Are Not Allowed To Stay Here Only.

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@navrosekalsi it's not like that bro but indians are not allowed because of some Crappy reasons


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It is very disappointing as an Indian perspective.

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