Fixing the Federal Government by Dissolving It? Meet Adam Kokesh

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If you're even half way awake and paying attention, you know the U.S. Federal Government with its endless wars, incarceration for victimless "crimes", taxation, and use of monopolized violence does not care first and foremost about the wellbeing of its citizens. We see the corruption everywhere. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, the State can be accurately described as a human farming protection racket. I won't even get into the 260 million person body count we can attribute to democide in general.

Most people realize this reality and say, "Yeah, it's bad, but what are we going to do about it? We can't really change anything."

Tonight I got to hang out with Adam Kokesh who has been working for over 10 years to change some things. He's an author, activist, and more, currently on a Taxation is Theft tour, going city to city to share his message, give away his book for free, and set some plans for 2020. Tonight, he stopped in Nashville.

(My "no rulers" T-shirt was a hit)

When he tells people he'd like to "create a peaceful, productive, and harmonious society by dissolving government all together" most people agree it sounds like a good start. When they ask him what he plans to do about it, he replies with:

"I'm getting ready to run for President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, responsible dissolution of the entire United States Federal Government."

Adam Kokesh is running for president in 2020.

If you're not already familiar with @adamkokesh from Steemit and DTube, give this 3 and a half minute video a watch:

Hanging out with him and his team tonight, I got an even better understanding of what he's all about and the practicality of his plan. It's not as crazy as it first sounds. :)

If you or people you know have said "I think government should do X!" then he'll ask, "Are you okay with government doing X in a local context only and not forced on anyone else?" If so, then you're already libertarian and in alignment with his approach. The plan is to localize, liquidate, and liberate every service the federal government currently provides. This includes creating endowments for things like VA hospitals, where ownership shares would be given to each veteran and the hospitals would be managed locally and effectively to meet real needs.

Adam's first act as NotPresident would be an executive order which includes his own resignation into a role similar to a bankruptcy agent to set up appointees to oversee the process of dismantling the bureaucracy. Everything will be spelled out in detail prior to him officially running for president so everyone will know exactly what they would be voting for.

There are still details to work out and common concerns exist such as the need for national defense. As the founders of this country articulated, a standing army actually makes us less safe because, historically, it will eventually be used against its own citizens (or to harm others).

He covered a lot in his presentation tonight, and I won't get into all the details, but I will say he sold me on the plan. I think it's a practical step forward to increase freedom and improve wellbeing in America.

Here are a couple more pictures of the event tonight:

I've Been an Adam Kokesh fan for a while.

My second Steemit post ever on July 8th, 2016, was NVC: Violence Is a Tragic Expression of an Unmet Need. It includes a dramatic video of Adam using NVC to defuse a potentially violent bar situation that is incredible to watch. Check it out, if you get the chance.

I've listened to his book Freedom which you can get online for free at or just listen via YouTube below. It's only 3 hours long, and I highly recommend it:

I promoted his book last year on July 29th, 2016 in my Myth of Authority post.

Tonight I got a hard copy and a sticker.

Adam was convincing, and I now think we can do more than just debate philosophy when it comes to promoting the non-aggression principle and peaceful coexistence. I donated 0.02 BTC (~$113) tonight to his cause. Maybe you're ready to support him also (if not, please read his book, watch his videos online, and get to know him on Steemit @adamkokesh). If you are ready to support him, you can donate bitcoin to 14Uk1GHuqXxraUiC9GmiHuPMrDaCrHJuTA or at

If you don't have the funds to support him right now and/or you want to give him ongoing regular support, here's a super easy way you can start doing that right now through Steemit.

Create an account on and set a rule to vote up adamkokesh 100 percent. That way when he posts messages promoting freedom here on the blockchain, your Steem Power will allocate some funds from the reward pool to support his important work. Easy, right?

If you're not already following him, please go give him a follow now @adamkokesh.

We can make a world we all want to live in and there are practical steps towards that future. I'm very thankful for people like Adam putting in the hard work to travel the country and promote freedom for us all.




These are things we all crave.

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Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

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Thanks for coming out! It was great getting into the strategy with someone who sees the big picture for this campaign. Thanks for the support!


Both you Adam and you Luke are doing a great work to help the world a large, to help us great a more logical and fairer society. Thank you for being awesome!

Hey I was there. We talked a bit in the parking lot. Just joined Steem, trying to connect more into the community. Great post. Upvoted and following.


Nice! Welcome to Steemit.

Awesome post, very inspiring. The internet was our first greatest tool, blockchain the next. I believe we live in times that are similar to when the church was powerful. We just don't realize it until we are truly free from it. Federal governments and banks.

I will follow adam and am glad to donate some BTC for his cause. Thank you very much @lukestokes

great steemians... especially @adamkokesh who i shall vote for next president come 2020... nice one @lukestokes very informative post..
I did mention you and your earlier post on my latest blog post... hope you do not mind...

@lukestokes - This is the first time I have come across someone who is giving the governance system a deep thought and is actually trying to do something about it. I do not live in the US but I think this concept is universally applicable. Will have varying degree of difficulty in implementation since first, one needs to get into a position of power in the existing system to be able to do anything (including abolishing). Will go through everything in detail. Thanks. Upvoted




Excellent! Let me know what you think after checking it out.

Such a great post Luke! Thanks for doing such an amazing job on your articles and while being an American (although I do not buy into the "passport" story too much..), you have the guts to say the truth about US government. I loved the opening paragraph, total chills bro! Keep on inspiring us @lukestokes!

This massage heart touching

Great man.

I've been voting for @adamkokesh here shortly after getting my account. That's my only option but am don't it.

That is a pretty dramatic message. I've voted Green party 3 of last 5 elections.

This is how the revolution starts my friend and with the help of bitcoin and blockchain tech we will succeed in being free at least financially (some how) thanks for posting this and more success.
Posts visibility are low it affeced my latest post which outlined some solutions about the problem, feel free to see it and note the tips


I saw your post, thanks.


Great, you are welcome

@lukestokes Excellent, follow up . Thank you very much

My buddy and whistle-blower, Donald Marshall has ousted Adam as an Illuminati agent. Donny is usually never wrong. Be careful @lukestokes


The proboards are an archive of Donald's facebook converstations. I've been trying to get him to join steemit for about a year now but to no avail unfortunately. Not, sure if it's b/c he doesn't like the interface or what ...


Illuminati is everywhere unfortunately.,.. but I guess you are right... so gave you some upvotes...


"Usually never" huh? Who exactly is the "Illuminati" again? I hung out with Adam quite a bit yesterday. IMO, he's just a dude interested in spreading the NAP.


I've hung out with him also when he came up here to Rochester, NY (4yrs+ back) and got a bad vibe off him from the get-go. In the speech he gave he even mentioned how he scooped someone's brain into a jar in Afghanistan who was burnt to death (I'm paraphrasing).

"Usually never" huh? Who exactly is the "Illuminati" again?

Read Donald's original letter to the public, from December 2011, and find out for yourself. I have it on the STEEM blockchain via a comment I made a few days ago.

Donald Marshall's Original Letter -- PART 1
Donald Marshall's Original Letter -- PART 2


So you flagged his comment I wanted to reward because he shared a war story that he's most likely not proud of and probably spent years of self care getting over? I'm not sure what you mean by a "bad vibe", but I had lunch and dinner with him yesterday and we talked about real ideas, not fringe conspiracy theories.

Come on man. Please save your flags for actual abuse of the blockchain. I have no interest in Donald Marshall. Please remove your flag on his comment and have respect for people you disagree with.


So you flagged his comment I wanted to reward because he shared a war story that he's most likely not proud of and probably spent years of self care getting over?

I flagged his comment because I don't see any value in it, not because I disagree with it. If you want to reward him, you should probably pay him out of your own pocket and not abuse the blockchain. The following comment had a pending payout of $17 when I flagged it down to $1:

Thanks for coming out! It was great getting into the strategy with someone who sees the big picture for this campaign. Thanks for the support!


Thank you for explaining the flag. As mentioned in the post, I have paid him 0.02 BTC out of my own pocket and wanted to upvote this comment with a full vote to thank him for spending the time to comment on this post even with his busy schedule. That brought it to around $7. It seems others agreed and voted it up another $10. If the comment was made by someone you support, do you think you still would have flagged it?

I don't abuse upvoting worthless content and this was a rare exception for me to give a full vote to a comment. Either way, thanks for explaining your flag.


Well I upvote myself most of the time, because I need the money... watch out for the illuminati trolls... do you know any danes?? Then send them to

FREEDOM is NO RULERS @lukestokes

This is in addition to my former comment on this post.. Blockchain technology is leadinng to a more financially free people hence all the hate towards Bitcoin and steemit however we will succeed as a united community-upped, as always and hope you are doing great.
I commented on your former posts however my comments were lost hence why you didnt see it... due to bug
that caused posts visibility to be low. It affeced my latest post which outlined some solutions about the problem, feel free to see it and note the tips

Keep up the good fight. Spread the message far and wide.