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Uuuh I say!

I spent a week or so living in chaos painting the inside of the cabin, without doing it in the right order as I didn't have enough paint hahaha, so it took much longer and it was so unorganized. When you paint a room, the most efficient order to do things are :

  • Cut in the ceiling (which means to paint with a 10cm brush around the edges of the ceiling because the roller wont reach there.) and then give it one coat over with the roller. Whilst this is drying start filling the dents holes and cracks in the walls with filler.

  • Then whilst the filler is drying on the walls, the ceiling should be dry, so go around again cutting in and then rolling and leave it to dry.

  • The filler should be dry on the walls and ready to sand by now, but if its not then take a break, and wait for the ceiling and the filler to be dry.

  • Get the sand paper out! Give the filled parts a sand with a block of wood and sand paper wrapped around it so it will sand flat to the wall, and then hoover (vacuum) up all the dust and clean up. Start to cut in the wall line all around the edges and then paint the wall with a roller and let it dry. (Cutting in is the hardest part and it pays to spend money on a decent brush, even rubbing cheap brushes on a brick wall for a while will remove loose hairs and also help shape the brush a bit, or alternatively you can shape the brush with scissors.)

  • Whilst the wall is drying, check the ceiling if there's anything that needs filling and refill anything that needs it. One coat of paint on the wall helps to highlight the parts that need filling again. Whilst this is all drying, if you have wood work like door frames and skirting boards ect, you would at this stage start to rub down with sand paper and undercoat.

  • Then sand last part of filler on walls and ceiling and cut in for the second time and paint the second coat with a roller on the wall leaving around the woodwork until the undercoat has dried.

I failed in every order of this perfect way to paint a room`and it took me a lot more time to get it done!

Here are "Before and After Pics" of inside the Cabin




...And fresh photos from now..

The lounge is complete with nothing apart from a strip of skirting board I want to add.


A Friend was throwing out some things and one was an old medicine cupboard from a hospital, it was such a perfect fit and is so discreet I forget its even there!! It fitted by overhanging the corner of the wall by just a centimeter and give so much storage space for tinned food and cereals ect. All of this has been recycled inside the cabinet.

Where is it?! Slim-Line badboy hahahha..




I still have one more surface to tile, and the other day I went to get the bits needed to do it. Whilst I went to meet my friend with the car, I found a unit which I asked for just the night before, or I would have to make shelves. One turned up and fits ok so I will see how it looks on the wall.

Whats left to do still in the Kitchen?
  • Add a strip light under the wall unit on the left of the pic below, then repair the wall.

  • The unit I found is on the right on the work top and will go up on the wall on its side above where it is in the photo below. The surface under the work top will get tiled and also under the gas cooker too and then a nice curtain to cove under the work top area

  • Need to find something to architrave the window.

  • Finish off the small mosaic pieces and then silicone the sink area.


Whilst continuing this post just now, the unit is up on the wall with one problem, can you see it?

Yep, The door isnt the correct one and I hope the trash didnt get collected and go find the right one!

My Room




I also cleared out the things under my bed so that now I have a nice little place to sit or lay and chill out away from the dogs when I want to. When its summer time and hot, I can sleep better down there as its cooler. I didnt paint under there yet.


Still to do in My Room..
  • I have no window sill and also need a bit of rockwall to fill a spot in the same place
  • I need to paint another coat and scrape off the paint on the glass


  • And also here on the other window sill needs a piece of wood in it.


It started in the lounge..

It was time to make this place look half decent and now it certainly does look decent. Did Blockchain Airbnb already get created yet?! :)

I went paint shopping and so brown paint was the choice. We already had a cream colour so the lounge looks nice with these two. In the picture above I had just finished the first coat on the ceiling.


I also painted the raised wooden part brown so it suited better..


The Tv stand made from drawers got a lick of paint to.

Before & After


We got some left over green paint which I used in the kitchen and the lounge, and apparently so I am told, its in fashion at the moment hahaha!


Here's the painting finished and I was rearranging the platform and sofa, we will get bean bags instead!


..And then the kitchen ceiling


Finished with the badboy waterproof paint..


Before painting the walls I had to do the tiling (Link takes you to that post)

Not much left to do now.

Hope you enjoyed the progress and I got to save it all from day 1 on Blockchain!

Have a great day! Big Love and Abundance,

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You are hired for the jobs needing good cut outs...housekeeping?...not so much. lol.


Haha!! Maybe I should have taken pics straight after the painting whilst it was all clean just for you 🤣


I am used to it. lol. I have one son who was always a slob and the other who was always neat. I couldn't get lucky in life and one would attract to the opposite girlfriend wise they each attracted likewise yeah your place doesn't seem out of place at all in comparison to theirs most times.

Damn dude! Looks beautiful! :))


thanks mate!

Perfect! Ideally! You are PRO

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Getting it ready to rent out in April 😃
Before I leave I want to make a sauna too!


You broke the system: live and have a luxury home in the most expensive country in the world for free. You dude that I constantly admire)


😉 the system is already very broken 😂 Theres still no water here but its still my kinda luxury!


Is it realistic to make a well there, do you think?
Is there a river or lake nearby? Perhaps you can use a pump and a long hose.


We have one somewhere but I didnt find it, theres one not far away on the neighbours but the best is to have a rain water filter, and there is a small stream in the garden too! We just take water up, if you dont boil veggies and use a wok instead, it saves so much water :)

Looking much better 👍

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Yep, much more normal now 😃

Well done. Nice primer for painting!

There is no big player in decentralized/crypto hosting services yet. Cryptocribs is an option and maybe a few other small projects. They probably have a quite small audience though.


I was going to ask if you wanted to read that book I have called Blockchain Revolution, but actually I know that you been reading enough lately already! 😂

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