Real Conservatives Don't Threaten Violence

3년 전


So it looks like another conservative tried to take matters in their own hand by threatening to shoot Justin Trudeau and blow up the Parliament building.

I've had people threaten to spread rumors about me, usually out of retaliation because they didn't like my political opinions. All I can say, is this guy isn't a true conservative, because real conservatives radically defend free speech. Justin Trudeau is an elected leader, so defending his Free Speech should be our top priority.

I won't vote for the guy, because he shoved political correctness down our throats. I don't like a guy who tells a student to use the word "people kind", because mankind is sexiest. Nevertheless, the day we stop letting the other side represent themselves is the day we head into totalitarianism.

When you threaten violence on someone, your taking away their virtue as a person for their own free speech and security. It doesn't just silence the opposition, it silences the entire society.

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