about freedom

2년 전

ever since I finished my duty in the army, 10 years ago, I have been thinking a lot about freedom.
how truely free am I?

what are my goals? are they really my goals?

when I am driving my car, and stuck in a traffic, this is one of the times which I feel not free at all . I am litererly stuck in the middle of the road and I cannot go out. even if I am very closed to my destination, no way to get out and walk or run with your own body and legs. or if you got to the road and so the traffic jam, you cannot take a utern and change your mind because you stuck.

in fridays its allways very hectic in the road near my home, especially near the supermarket area.

and as I was stuck in my car I suddenly came to realize that freedom can be even in very small changes in your life. for instance, if chose to go out of my home to the shopping in 8:00, most likely that there wouldnt be any traffic at all, and also in the shop itself less people and less sunny and hot out.

so by making a small change like getting out a tiny bit earlyer , I could earn more hours of relaxation, with less anxioty, and earn my freedom this way. I am in control of the situation actually.


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@shubaca430 Freedom is the best we can experience. Freedom of expression and freedom to decide in all circumstances of our lives. To be free is something imprecise. Always fight for your freedom. A big hug, dear friend. Happy day. Happy day.

Freedom, feeling free is the best feeling that a human being can have

Sometimes getting free a little does us a lot of good.

There are many ways to feel free, as well as feeling trapped and wanting to run away, friend @shubaca I liked your post, many moments in which we wanted to free ourselves, work, people's feelings and many things .. greetings that you are good friend!

To feel free is good for us, and if what we do is of our own free will, and to express our emotions when we feel it is to be at peace.

So true:)