U.N. Convention On The Rights Of The Child - Translation and Commentary - Part 7

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Key document craftily worded by control freaks to break up the family. 

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed in 1989 and "put into force" in 1990. Before delving into specific points, it should be noted that:

1.  Rights are naturally inherent and cannot be made or changed.

2.  The U.N., like all other "government" institutions, is funded by extortion and based in violence, so it is illegitimate. 

3.  Individuals that work for or with the U.N. have been repeatedly caught committing sex and human trafficking crimes, some of which have involved children.

4.  Nowhere does the document mention Natural Rights or Natural Law.

With that in mind, let's dig into specific areas of the so-called "Convention on the Rights of the Child"

My additions are in bold and italics.



Article 36

States Parties shall protect the child against all other forms of exploitation prejudicial to any aspects of the child's welfare.

My comments:  This is laughably contradictory, on an epic scale.  How can an institution that is completely reliant on exploiting everyone (taxation) protect anyone from exploitation?   

Article 37

States Parties shall ensure that:

(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time;

Translation:  All children shall be free, unless some morally relativistic order-followers kidnap or cage them, in accordance with control freak garbage posing as law.    

(d) Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority, and to a prompt decision on any such action.

My comments:  Here’s another instance where fancy, official-sounding jargon is meant to make people feel like the system actually is fair and is there to protect and help them.  Meanwhile, in reality, psychopaths in fancy suits, costumes, and strange black gowns (with hammers, too!), whose financial livelihood is completely dependent on depriving people of liberty, do just that! They get paid to cage people! Not to free them! And they use the term “impartial”. Does that sound impartial to you?!

Article 38

3. States Parties shall refrain from recruiting any person who has not attained the age of fifteen years into their armed forces. In recruiting among those persons who have attained the age of fifteen years but who have not attained the age of eighteen years, States Parties shall endeavour to give priority to those who are oldest.

Translation:  Criminals with fancy titles won’t recruit people under age fifteen into mind-controlled death squads.    

4. In accordance with their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect the civilian population in armed conflicts, States Parties shall take all feasible measures to ensure protection and care of children who are affected by an armed conflict.

Translation:  In areas where mass murders called wars are underway, psychopaths working for the state will take advantage of the situation and engage in human trafficking, like in Bosnia in the 90s.   

End Part 7

Part 8 coming soon!

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

Top image is from wikimedia commons

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