Just Dig A Little Deeper!

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I feel a stirring, a gentle waking up, to what has been imposed upon us. More and more, I hear people ask questions, I had a conversation with my sister recently and she said how she had begun asking people she knows if they are aware of anyone who has been sick with covid, of passed away from it. She hasn't met anyone who has and those simple questions are making it clear how so much of what we have been told does not make sense.

Because, the more they push us and restrict us ,the easier it is for others to see, how so little of what they said adds up. Just dig a little, that has been my advice to anyone who wants to talk to me, just dig a little and you may be surprised at what you discover!

It's exciting to learn things for yourself, to discover. There is nothing better that letting your intuition guide you as you navigate your way in the world. It is such a wonderful trait, that we have, this desire to explore! And yet most of us only get to experience this when we get away from our engrained lives. Lives that have become somewhat mundane, doing the same thing day in day out! How easy was it to get so many of us human's,to fall in line and give this part of ourselves up?

It has definitely been a long process ,down through the years we seem to have yearned for a more comfortable life and that very comfort, is seen as a sign of success! But what sort of success? Status and class have a huge role to play in this desire to be seen as successful.

From a young age, we were told what it means to be successful, even if it went against, what you believed or felt within. Because we needed to find our place in society, to be accepted within society, acceptance is so important to us human folk. More than success we crave that!

That craving has been used to manipulate us!

Giving up so much so that we are not excluded, so that we not feel alone or shunned. But this comfort, that we believed was proof of our acceptance, was in fact the very thing that segregated us from one another!

Things become so convenient, that we no long need to seek, or explore. To search out. Our food is there on shelves and some of that food that is meant to enrich our bodies, is instead slowly poisoning them. Today we eat more for comfort than for good health, this alone has changed our relationship with food and our bodies.

So many skills have been lost, because it is simpler and cheaper to buy all that we need. At one time we could all build a shelter, gather food and build a fire. Skills that took us outside and brought us closer to our community. I am not saying that we all need to go back to those times, although some of us are happily living that way. All I wish to do is point out how disconnected we have become from ourselves, our food and the land!

There has been lots of great movements created, to bring back some of those skills. And as I look to the future, I can see how much they are needed. Right now, We need to re-connect with those part's of ourselves, that create and solve and gather so that we can tap into our explorer and discoverer. To be more empowered and self sufficient, so that we do not need to continue to part take in a system that has continued down through time to oppress us.

We need to re light our fire's, to rediscover our inner knowledge, that ensures our survival and that we thrive in our environment. To be ready to create the change we wish to see.I really believe that we need to make a choice about the way in which we live. Do we want to stay with the system or do we want to break away and create our own way?

So much of our energy and focus is being taken away, with all the stories that the media and government continue to weave for us. But we are our own creators, we need to be weaving our own stories! That is what it means to be human, not just following along, lost in a river of propaganda. I know, that I am going to be focusing on creating from now on. To be an example and it starts by digging just a little deeper, connecting with who we are!

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