Bio-PsyWar | Commencement of Hostilities

11개월 전

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In the Bio-PSYWAR we continue by breaking down the Commencement of Hostilities of biological weapons research, and why various entities may be interested in creating, harvesting and deploying these weapons on various populations as part of operations that the average person has no idea are happening. That is the aim of the episodes on this topic from is to help shed light on this material and make it more widely known.

There is nothing new being revealed here that's not already been covered in depth elsewhere. The purpose, at least for this particular episode and series on Bio-PsyWar, is to help uncover some of this information to the people who may not be familiar with this type of research. As has been done for myself, other researchers are able to help point out certain points and sets of information that someone else (like myself) may not be familiar with.


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