Child on parent violence

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Child on Parent Violence is any behaviour used by a young person to control, dominate or coerce parents. It is intended to threaten and intimidate and puts family safety at risk. it is normal for adolescents to demonstrate healthy anger, conflict and frustration drawing their transition from childhood to adulthood,

Anger should not be confused with violence. Violence is about a range of behaviours including non-physical acts aimed at achieving ongoing control over another person by instilling fear.
Most abused parents have difficulty admitting even to themselves that their child is abusive. They feel ashamed, disappointed and humiliated and blame themselves for the situation, which has led to this imbalance of power. There is also an element of denial where parents convince themselves that their son or daughter’s behaviour is part of normal adolescent conduct..
Which is not true, but just to justify their selfish behavior or act, they keep convincing themselves ...
We all want the world to be a better place...
The child is believed to be the controller , the ones to be in charge of our society ''tomorrow '' ... In situations where they are victims of these ... What are we trying to pass on to them? Broken home? Violence? The unit of the country starts with the unity of the family, extends to the neighbors... To the nation...
The child needs a mother and a father, the child needs a family to be a to build a Nation
We need to do what is expected of us ,
SAY NO TO CHILD ON PARENT VIOLENCEScreenshot_20180109-122003.png

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