Will Algeria be a new Syria

9개월 전

What is happening in Algeria is very dangerous and if the Algerian Government--the French intelligence--continues to insult and threaten the Algerian people, Algeria will inevitably become more than Syria. Because the location of Algeria near Europe, the population of Algeria -40 million- and the mentality of the Algerian people will ignite a fire that cannot easily be extinguished...

A month ago, President Bouteflika announced his candidacy for the elections in 2019.
This man is now in a hospital in Switzerland under intensive care.
he has not spoken since 2013 and uses a wheelchair and diapers wants to govern the largest country in Africa and the second strongest economy in Africa and govern more than 40 million people. 75% under the age of 30...
This man who stole more than $1, 000 billion and made his people below the poverty line and did not even build a hospital to heal himself. Wants to stay as a president...

The Algerians have been patient about this man because they did not want to be fooled by the Arab revolutions carried out by the Zionists in Libya and Syria and because they are people who have experience of 10 years of war and violence and because they are people very cautious about everything that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are doing .but this man did not respect them, he used this to steal more money with his brothers....

On 22 February and on March 1. Algerians have made big protests and their most important demands are the departure of this old man and his government. but the dangerous thing is that governments want the protests to turn violent and the government wants to spark a new war in Algeria because war is the only solution for their staying in power and preserving France's interests in Algeria.

A week ago, a sound leak came out of a conversation between the prime minister and a man who said: we will shoot protesters...

Now the Algerian people are facing a criminal gang supported by France.

Despite the Algerian people trying to keep protests peaceful, the government will do everything to make these protests violent.

The most important steps in order to be peaceful protests:

  1. The protests are in the daytime and stop at night...
  2. giving roses and sweets to the police and keep away from them and prevent anyone from approaching or provoking the police.
  3. Bringing children to protest and educating them to respect the police.
  4. Prevent anyone from burning or cracking anything...
  5. Not to use any racist or religious word in the protests
  6. Cleaning the streets after the protests have ended.

I will leave you some pictures in order to know that the Algerian people are doing the impossible in order to change the government and at the same time keep his country from destruction and violence. ..

Giving candy to the police

Protect the police

Giving police vinegar for tear gas

Teaching children to respect for the police

Cleaning Street

Protests will continue on March 8....

The people insist that they be peaceful.... The government insists on violence......
Whatever France and its customers do, we will not allow them to destroy our homeland.

Algeria will not become another Syria

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Zionists carried out revolutions in Syria? That's some lunatic conspiracy stuff there. Who is actually voting for this article? This coupled with the poor English... no one wants revolution but you sound like a Nazi.