Freedom Tuesday #34

28일 전

Here we are again, dear reader, one more Tuesday in slavery because we didn't get the message out to our neighbors.

Please tell your friends that we can be free on any given day, if they choose to go along with the plan.

What is the plan, you might ask?

Keep working, stop paying!

It really is as easy as all that.

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On the day that the workers realize that the boss needs them more than they need the boss, is the day that we can set about fixing what the greedtocracy has given us.

Do you like slaving away 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, for 40 years just so you can retire to a cat food sandwich in the trailer park of your waning years?

C'mon, nobody likes being a corporate drone.
We do it because we have to eat.
In order to survive in the system as given to us by our parents, we have to do things we don't want to do.
Why we accept this arrangement is beyond me.
I had to check out some years ago, but I had the freedom to do so.
I found the ideas years ago.

If being a social revolutionary was an easy task, everybody would be doing it, and then it wouldn't be cool anymore.

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Just because you have been led to believe that your way is the only way doesn't make it necessarily true.
You didn't get that as part of your critical thinking course, you just took the idea as given to you by the indoctrination camp as good, and ran with it.

Did you ever question why using violence to force your ways onto me is acceptable, but my violence to stop you from doing that is not acceptable?

I mean, honestly, have you asked yourself why you and your friends getting together, righting your rules on paper, and using violence to control others was perfectly acceptable?

When has that ever been the case?
Only in slave states, slave.

You don't think this way unless you have sold your soul to mammon.

Decide which side you are going to be on, dear reader.
The day of judgement is coming.

Do you support those that war to be free, or those that war to enslave others?

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Ah the conquest of bread, what a masterpiece

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