Steem Campaign | Free SBD (Steem dollars) | 9/7

4년 전

  ******Check my Wallet for Proof*****

Reminders: follow all 4 steps above to be qualify for payment

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@honolulu every time you post your profile pic it always make me laugh..Thanks!


yes, i really like it, too - it was aimed at making people laugh ;)

Let's see if it's a better return than Eobot. :-)



I like Eobot... use it since some days... but not yet reached withdraw limit so I don't know if they really pay... without investing money in it it takes quiet a few days to reach the withdraw limit... but I think they are one of the serious ones in cryptobusiness... them are around since 2013 I guess...most pages I found turned out as Scam ;(


I've been at it a couple of months and not seen a bean, I do the Faucet most days too. LOL


you ever received any withdrawal or not yet reached limit, too ?

Thank you sir!!

upvote, followed, resteemed


Done! Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you!

nice to try

payment sent, campaign closed

steps done