Gab "Just Because" | How forgetful are the people (we)



Recent news about Gab ridiculous paypal ban went out, and polices rush to its CEO to questioning him in regard of 'seemingly false flag operation on Jewish Synagog'. The way of this tyrant behave is relentless and without reserve. Alex Jones call for help for his unpersoning action is now vividly revealing the true dark face of tech giant. Maybe you were unbeliever (me too), but on Gab this is no joke anymore!

Keep your anger for this suppression guys, they should pay! They'll do everything to 'smack the monkey, to warn the chicken'. Even if you're doing good, you'll persecuted, it's inherent in their blood "Overbearing and Without restraint".

I don't know what exactly happened in higher realm (realm of elite). Although many says that politics is convoluted and not black and white. But I'm certain the new world order will bring a major development for this. I know the 'old platform' (not anymore) belongs to old establishment: facebook, twitter, google, instagram, whatsapp, etc. which is corrupted will be dying soon. This will certainly bring forth the new alternative. And the case like this will be no strangeness to us. There'll be many false flag and persecutions ahead.

Sanitizing and reminding each other about this tyrant behavior.
Steemit and minds will be the next, to exercise free speech maybe mastodon or alike will be the real answer in the future.

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