Free Ton conducts a contest for smart contract developers


FREE TON is a multi-blockchain developed and operated by an active community. We can say that this is a whole ecosystem in which various competitions are constantly held, events that help to become FREE TON more decentralized, flexible, scalable and recognizable. For successful participation in competitions, each winner receives a certain reward in TON CRYSTAL coins

The contests are completely different, some of them are suitable for designers and artists, others for content creators and translators, and others for programmers and crypto enthusiasts. Today I want to tell you about one interesting proposal for smart contract developers

So - if you are not by hearsay familiar with smart contracts, you have free time and a desire to create something valuable for the FREE TON ecosystem and get an excellent reward for it, then let's get started !!!

Dates of the competition:

27.05.2021 00:00 UTC - 27.06.2021, 23:59 UTC


Monthly subscriptions are a key monetization channel for the Internet, and they are the most convenient monetization channel for businesses. But in the crypto world, there have not yet been successful fully functional cryptocurrency subscription payment systems. Therefore, it is proposed to create smart contracts for "subscriptions" to Free TON, to facilitate the work with cryptocurrency and provide the convenience of all participants ecosystem

A task:

Implement on-chain Recurring Payments (‘Subscriptions’) smart contract system by which FreeTON users will be able to pay to unlock access to special DeBots/Smart Contracts for a certain amount of time. Users must be able to recurly pay by TON Crystal or TIP-3 token (e.q. USDT) to subscribe for DeBots/Smart Contracts and be able to cancel or pause subscription anytime. In turn, DeBots/Smart Contracts owners must be able to track subscribers to unlock DeBots/Smart Contracts usage or some of its features.
Existing examples: Solc; C ++


  1. 50,000 TONS (approximately $ 22,000)
  2. 40,000 TONS (approximately $ 17,600)
  3. 30,000 TONS (approximately $ 13,200)
  4. 20,000 TONS (approximately $ 8,800)
  5. 10,000 TONS (approximately $ 4,400)
    Also, participants who took 6-10 places, scored points and did not receive “rejected” votes, will receive a consolation prize of 2,000 TON

The task is not easy and the competition will not be great. Developers, don't miss your chance to win a prize. The official news about the competition is posted on the FREE TON forum at the following link

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