Rollup Verification Support (contest)

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Hello everyone, friends. The newly launched Free TON Cryptography Governance immediately launched 2 contests with great prize money. We'll talk about Rollup Verification Support

Submission period
September 25 - October 25, 2021

Background and Description
=nil; Foundation as an initial member of Free TON community developed an upgraded version of TON Virtual Machine, which includes cryptographic primitives required for usage zero-knowledge proof-verification within the virtualized applications. =nil; Foundation also prepared C++ (GitHub - NilFoundation/cpp-ton: Cryptography-enhanced Telegram Open Network Protocol C++ Implementation 2) and Rust-y (GitHub - NilFoundation/rust-ton: Cryptography-enhanced Telegram Open Network Protocol Rust Implementation 2) ZK proof-verification instruction-enhanced TON protocol implementations

A crucial application for such a verificaiton instruction is to verify rollups which often consist of transactions/replication packages/votes signatures etc

Verifying transactions, votes etc. is all about verifying its signatures. Widespread signatures (EdDSA, ECDSA) are defined over non-pairing friendly curves (Ed25519, secp256k1) which have no twisted curves and induce high verification costs and timings. In case of FreeTON verification timings are required to be kept as low as possible

Ths document proposes contest results of which are supposed to introduce the way to efficiently verify non-pairing friendly curves-based signatures over BLS12-381-based Groth16 SNARK proof which would result in the introduction of a way to verify zk-rollups on FreeTON

Instructions for participants
Participants are expected to introduce the way to efficiently verify EdDSA over Ed25519 signatures with the newly introduced VERGRTH16 instruction to make it possible to verify outside protocols zk-rollups inside the TVM.

General requirements
Solutions provided are expected:

To be a correctly functioning FreeTON virtualized application deployed either to ( (in case the protocol gets upgraded) either to ( or either to (
To involve VERGRTH16 TVM instruction usage.
To be able to verify a Groth16 proof of at least 32000 EdDSA over Ed25519 signatures within a single replication packet production interval

Only submissions with an average score equal to or more than 5.0 can get a reward.

1st prize (score >= 7.0) - 300000 TONs
2nd prize (score >= 6.0) - 150000 TONs
3rd prize (score >= 5.0) - 50000 TONs

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