The journey

9개월 전

It's a long way to the top if you stop to smell the flowers. Though the path on a may seem like single journey, the path up is numerous. Each of us differ in which path we take. Where one stomps up relentlessly, one can also veer off to winding routes filled with flowers to delight their senses.

We must not forget however that each one travels up the mountain though with different outlooks on how to get to the top by the walkers steps taken. It's the cliche, it's not the destination but the journey. Whispered in the breeze, soft yet unrelenting.

Though the top may seem like the end, who knows it may just be a peak leading onto another mountain. The path to the top of the mountain therefore may just be another beginning to a larger journey. With differing routes taken by each and all that walk up this mountain.

There could even be paths less taken with longer winding trails filled with other delights extending ones journey. But remember, they all lead to the top. How and at what state one reaches this to also determines what happens when your foot finally steps on the peak.

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Great work, @akumagai! You are an awesome writer!

Have you joined Discord yet? In my initial comment, I told you about the Steem Terminal server on Discord. They have a channel where you can promote your posts.
You can join them here:


Hmmm must've missed that one. I'll follow that link once I am at home.

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Truth is that you almost can't go without a Discord account. There are so many communities that have a server there. All of them have a chatroom, and many of them a post promotion room, some host contests and a lot more.

As it happens, @jaynie published a post 2 days ago in which she asked people for their favorite Discord channels. If you go through the comments on that post, you'll find a lot of them. Check out what they are about, and join the ones your interested in.

Here is the link to the post: