DAY 3 OF MY FREE WRITE FOR @mariannewest - RATs

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Hai Dear Steemiens,

My third #freewrite is here, does not feel it to be a big task to make few lines with 5 minutes but it always need an inspiration to start a new thing and to follow it regualArly, but I was not having it since last few days as it was hectic with some gettogether and trips. Now I am back and please read on.




Rats - The prompt for today. The word Rat' always sounds like nuisance and feel ugly but when it comes to an equivalent word of Mouse it slightly feels better, That is my assumption though.

If Rat and mouse is literally same, why the part of desktop which most of the people knows not knowig as or calling as Rat's. Is the computer mouse is called so because of its shape that looks similar to a rat and also its ability to move in any direction like a rat runs in our home-here and there.

Also I wish to know that what is the similarity between Rat and a Cat as it is opposite to each other but sound similar with the exception of the first word.

ok, my time is up.


Hope this makes a good reading.

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5 minute freewrite with the prompt "RATS" given by @mariannewest._

I wish more of you would join. Nowhere else you learn as fast to write as when you practise writing daily.
Five minutes of your time is all that it takes.
Use the tags #freewrite and freewritehouse.

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Warm Wishes

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I think if it comes to rats only those who had them as a pet will not have that idea.
My daughter had several. We like mice less. They pee and bite everywhere and some damaged my car. Ate the wires, nested in the seats. Terrible.

Why people dislike rats is the very old idea they caused the plague. But not rats but dirty humans did. Humans to filthy to touch brought one of the worse diseases over mankind.

So 'dirty rat' should be 'dirty human'!

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Thanks for the reading, and lovely comment. As a capriconian's speciality I love to go through the rules. So once after having the prompt I just make a few minutes thinking then starts writing, .

I dont even make a second reading in fact. So if looks at least good then I am happy and it is always pleasure to have your version on the topic too.

Hope your sunday was good!

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