The Radio Shows : Day 297 : 5 Minute Freewrite

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I've watched the life of radio show OAPs, a lot of them has a life far from reality. Many anchors show and say the thing they wouldn't do in real life, so far it pleased the listeners. They carry on their gibberish talk.

A new wave around here is controversy, talk show host have mastered this art and made it a step to stardom. if you want to attain fame faster, create a motherfucking controversy that can stay on the newspaper headlines for a week in your name.

You can start by picking a twitter fight with a public figure or even religious leaders, make sure you say something stupid, something a sane man wouldn't dare say, and let the media boomerang it into many facets, know for sure, it will either land you in jail or fame. A good number are famous by doing this.

Then we have this set of people who alwqys come with get rich quick schemes, i wonder how they dont get tired of it. How to make $50 per day, some even going as gullible as saying $1,500 per day, the fact is, many rush to go there.

The one my mum listen to the most are radio shows that offers visa lottery, she wants me to leave this country at a must, "there is a greener pasture over there"she always said. Very sad, two of my uncle have been scammed of this too.

The above is my entry into @mariannewest #freewrite.

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Hopefully, Steem will even the playing field financially, and you and your folks will have greener pastures in Nigeria!

this is going on all over the world and I don't understand why people fall for it. I wish for you that you will be able to have green pastures in your country. I know that you love it and are proud of it.

I have a friend who actually won the lottery many years ago, but I wouldn't trade places with her. I don't know much about Nigeria, but my country isn't that rich either.
Starting a new life in a different country is a big challenge and not everyone gets the greener pasture. Many struggle with debts till they die... also there's the question of loneliness..
Anyway, about the new prompt:

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