Entry for Day 704: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: no trespassing


Thank you to @mariannewest for this challenge:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by.

When I first went to school, the teachers tried to make us learn The Lord's Prayer. I tried, I really tried but it was so hard. I didn't understand the words at all.

There was a bit about no trespassing in it and forgiving anyone who trespassed you. I used to wonder if people walking by me were trespassing.

Thank goodness this forced learning was thought to have been complete in the age 5 class so I didn't have to learn it anymore in my school life. The prayer was said a lot in assembly at my first school but I was good at miming it so nobody ever knew I was trespassing.

Thank you for reading my post.

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That is difficult to learn at age 5. Had to laugh when you said you were good at miming it. : )

Resident cat here, wising you a great day. Here is today's new prompt: https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-705-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-ill-humor

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Thank you for your help.

Hi my dearest friend... oh how you bring me joy. I love your honesty when you write, this made me smile. Also it made me sad to, because you and the other children should have been taught what trespassing means. A five year old could understand it, but of course it has to be explained in simply language. I didn’t comprehend what the Lord’s Prayer meant either when I first read it, even at 55 years of age. I started to go to church, and I asked. I told the members at my church right away, that I new nothing about Jesus, the Holly Spirit, or the Father, and how can three beings be as one. Anyways, I have learned, and the people in my church where very pleased to teach me.
I wanted to drop by to tell you that Rick and I are doing great! Rick and I have been working at a store owned and operated by a large family that we are very close to. The mother and father are good friends that we’ve known for 28 years. Rick actually works there as an employee, I have just volunteered to help them. The reason I have volunteered to help them is because a month and a half ago they lost their first born son “John” they had six children. He was killed in a car accident, he was speeding, lost control of his brand new sports car that he just bought only a few days before, and hit a tree, head on. John was found dead around 12:00 a.m. John decided to test how fast this car could get up to, and how it handled, and there is very few people who are out and about driving at that time in the morning, especially on a week day. John’s wife became worried when he didn’t come home, and called John’s Dad “ Jeff.” Jeff immediately took off two find John. John and his wife have two little kids, and one’s a little baby. Jeff was the first one at the scene and found him dead. He actually died only a few blocks from our hospital, which is located at the very edge of town.
This tore the family up, and they where, and still are in such morning, none of them could face going to work. So there employees that weren’t family, which where very few, had to deal with running the store. They, including Rick where putting over twelve hour shifts, and doing the jobs of six missing people. So I volunteered, to take up the slack as much as I could. Only a couple of weeks ago, they slowly all finally have come back to work. Things are getting better for them, there actually smiling sometimes, they don’t fill quite as numb as they did, and I’m still volunteering their because they still need the support, mentally, and physically.
I love you, and miss you Dee, may God bless you and keep you safe❣️


Thank you for letting me know how you and Rick are doing. My goof wishes to the bereaved family. It is very sad to lose someone in this way. He certainly had 'a young man's death'.

We miss you but what you are doing is so valuable to your friends.

Thanks again for staying in touch.


Thanks Dee, we will keep in touch. I pray that you are healing well from the stroke my friend, and that you are getting some mobility back. I’ve been praying for you, blessings ❤️


I have a year's sick leave. I lost my right arm and leg so I'll lose my job when sick leave is over. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.