Day 120: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: vitamins

2년 전

Image taken from: Amazon - Centrum Men (120 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet

There are a lot of things that I value in my life. One of those things is my health and wellbeing. One fine afternoon, I stopped by a pharmacy. I came across this bottle of multivitamins. I bought it, and then went home.

The vitamins reminded me of my past, present and my future. The past because it made me look back to what I've done so far, the present because it made me see where I am right now, and the future, because it pointed out the choices I have venturing into adulthood.

As I took in a single pill, I then realised that I have got a long way to go in life. The pill reminded me that life is a journey that you can't reset back to the start. I have to travel farther and strive even harder to reach my goals, and therefore live a life worth living and dying for. I then started to value and cherish my life right now, as a happy student that aspires to be the best version of himself everyday.

a #freewrite prompt of vitamins by @mariannewest thanks!

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Now you have pulled my hearts strings here. I admire the emotional tinge you so aptly capture here, all the more as you remind us of the first responsibility to our health. It is a fine read, hits me close to home!


Thank you, @ebitularmbert! As they say, health is wealth, and so we must guard our wealth to keep growing! God bless! Xx


Pleasure is mine. glad.

I enjoyed this take on the prompt. You took out a lesson beyond the vitamins itself. Our past, present and future are interlinked - and the present is important to pave the way for a long and better future.


Thank you, Mr. Jeremy! I always believe that what or who we will be tomorrow will be influenced by our decisions today. Decisions play a big role in someone's life... God bless! Xx


I really wish I felt that way about vitamins!!

Great! freewrite!!


Thank you, @snook! To be honest, I only take Vitamin C chewables. I'm not that into Centrum just yet, but maybe I'll try out sometime soon... God bless! Xx

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Damn. What was in those vitamins? 😁 This is what I love about freewrites. The various takes on the prompt. This is the deepest post yet. Great job!

Your next prompt is ready...
...and it's even more succulent than I had hoped.

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Thank you, @omra-sky! The vitamins in the pills became challenges that we should be willing to take... taking them means we accept them, and there's no vomiting it out! Ha ha! God bless... xx

who knew that a vitamin could lead to a reflection on life!! Love it!!


I honestly didn't anticipate that vitamins would go the "life" route instead of the "health is wealth" route! #unexpected! Ha ha! God bless... xx

I return with a little better upvote for you, I love the "Life is like a vitamin" type post, very unique! 👍


Thank you, @deaconlee! The pick-up lines start there! "Life is like a vitamin. When you start to take one in, there's no turning back and vomiting it out." God bless! Xx