Weekend Freewrite 02/17/2018 - Single Prompt Option: my prompt - blue

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Credits to: @the.artist-98

I chose the prompt "blue" for today's Weekend Freewrite. It's my favourite colour, amongst others. Love having it on my valuables, including my phone. The picture above is only an example, too lazy to find a proper one, ha ha! Here goes my piece:


It was a great sunny afternoon, and it was also the day of our school fete. All of the secondary students were organised into 4 different team colours. They were sky blue, orange, mint green, and purple.. I was assigned the mint green colour, which meant my team was bound to do a different set of activities during the day.

We then started to set up our gazebo for our team colour's merchandise. I excused myself from the team for a short while 'cause I had to take a short bathroom break. On the way there, I saw this beautiful lady from the which was 3 years younger than me. I knew her, but it was only at this time that I marvelled her charm from a distance. I then realised that the colour blue symbolised peace of mind and body, which she has, and I also have. I also realised that even though with or without the help of the colour blue, we can still spread peace and happiness to everyone around us, and give our community a brand new sparkle everyday, to make it a conducive environment to live, work, and enjoy together as one family.

My day continued on, and so did hers. It was a busy day, but a worthful day as well.

a #weekend #freewrite of the colour #blue by @mariannewest. thanks!

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I see you struggling here for upvotes, I wish I had more to give right now but I'm starting to get low. Don't get discouraged, just keep posting good content and it will get better. 🙂


Thank you so much! Yes, I've been struggling but I look at it as a challenge to do better. God bless! xx

Welcome to the freewriters!!
And yes, we can be peaceful no matter what color we are wearing :)


Thank you so much, Miss Marianne! Very happy to join the freewriters gang! God bless.. Xx

Your words of spreading happiness and peace are more lovely than a bright blue sky on a summer day!

Today I'm the joyful deliverer of the next prompt!

Time for you Freewriters to pamper yourselves!

The massage snakes are ready.
A spider facial is laid out.
This next prompt sounds relaxing,
...unless you flail and shout!

Sunday Freewrite Day 122 - Spa


Thank you, @Brisby! Happiness is always my best friend when the sky seems so dull... God bless! Xx

I enjoyed this piece of fiction and I agree we can spread peace and happiness wherever we go! Welcome to the Freewrite community!


Thank you, Miss Janelle! It's like spreading butter on toast, that's how I spread love... God bless! Xx


That's a wonderful gift! <3

Welcome to freewrite! I've been doing it for a couple of weeks and having a lot of fun. I just dropped by "to give you my two cents' worth", as the saying goes, and that's exactly what my upvote is worth just now. Ha ha!


Thank you, @scribblinggramma! Honestly, this freewrite activity really improved my critical thinking skills. It made me compose something in 5 minutes, which I wasn't able to do before. Maybe because of the pressure of time constraints, I don't know! Ha ha! God bless... Xx