Children's Games - Giochi da Bambini [ENG-ITA]

2년 전

Original by @f3nix - A lost village on the forest's edge

English Version

"You hurt meeee! 'ay attenshon! 'e nesht 'ime I'll go 'o anoher dentish!"

"Eww! You're spitting out everywhere, how can I take care of your toothache if you don't behave well?"

The thick chatter of the two unmistakable voices filtered from the attic through the beams of the ceiling. The mother, who was tidying up the bedroom, smiled sweetly, absorbed in her daily chores.

In the roof space, the coolness of the twilight barely filtered through the rotten wood of the skylight, giving movement and relief to the stale air of the room.
From the furniture and the thousand objects hidden in every corner came a persistent note of seasoned cedar and, at times, the indescribable trail of some other smell.

The two small figures stood in the center of the scene, one lying on the other and clumsily busy reassuring the patient, who was still complaining about his dentist skills.
They had been playing like this for a good hour, all made in their roles. Objects similar to small stones and sticks surrounded their slender bodies, scattered on the floor. They had not even noticed that along the plateau the light now gave way without too many pleasantries to the dense darkness. Not a single sound was coming from the beech forest around the house.

Slowly, from the stairs that led downstairs, a singular sound of backwash caught the attention of the little ones. From below, the sound grew closer and closer, until the thing emerged from the trapdoor.

A twisted obscenity now stared at the two poor creatures, producing a continuous, shuffling breath, an alien sound, vaguely resembling that of a wave motion. It was a grotesque mask, the creeping profanation of all that is natural in a human face: the inexpressive and big eyes of an abyssal fish were framed by other eyes, noses, muscles and tendons, randomly anchored to the moist and yellowish skin. Pulsating.
Where the mouth would have to be found, a gaping, curved hole would snap into a long rattle. That thing smiled.

"Children stop playing, put your teeth away in the sack with the other bones, don't you see it's dark?".

"But moooom, leave us five more minutes!", The two creatures now looked at the parent with their black eyes without eyelids.

"I don't want to hear "but". Get ready. If you will be good boys, mom will give you many other teeth and bones for your games. Be patient, when you have finished changing .. you will like this more".

The little ones, almost convinced, went downstairs. Mum had told them about the Old Steemians Home, perhaps that would have been a fun night.

Versione Italiana

"Mi hai hatto maleeeeee! Ma inhomma! La prohhima volta hambio denhista!"

"Maccheschifo! Stai sputando dappertutto, come faccio a farti passare il maldidenti se non te ne stai buonino!"

Il chiacchiericcio fitto delle due inconfondibili vocine filtrava dal solaio attraverso le travi del soffitto. La mamma che, in quel momento, stava riassettando la camera da letto, sorrise dolcemente assorta.

Nel sottotetto il fresco del crepuscolo filtrava appena alltraverso il legno marcio del lucernario, donando movimento e sollievo all'aria stantia della stanza.
Dai mobili e dai mille oggetti nascosti in ogni angolo proveniva una persistente nota di cedro stagionato e, a tratti, la scia indescrivibile di un qualche altro odore.

Le due piccole figure se ne stavano al centro della scena, una coricata sull'altra e buffamente indaffarata a rassicurare il paziente lamentoso quanto alle proprie abilità di dentista.
Giocavano così già da un'ora buona, tutti realizzati nei loro ruoli. Oggetti simili a piccoli sassi e bastoncini circondavano i loro corpi esili, sparsi alla rinfusa sul pavimento. Non si erano nemmeno accorti che lungo l'altipiano la luce cedeva ormai il passo senza troppi convenevoli alla densa oscurità. Dal fitto faggeto attorno alla casa non proveniva un singolo suono.

Lentamente dalle scale che portavano al piano di sotto, un singolare suono di risacca catturò l'attenzione dei piccoli. Dal basso, il suono si faceva sempre più vicino, finchè lentamente, la cosa emerse dalla botola.

Un'oscenità contorta fissava ora le due povere creaturine, producendo un respiro continuo e strascicato, un suono alieno, vagamente simile a quello di un moto ondoso. Era una maschera grottesca, la strisciante profanazione di tutto ciò che è naturale in un volto umano: gli occhi inespressivi e grandi di un pesce abissale erano incorniciati da altri occhi, nasi, muscoli e tendini, ancorati a caso alla pelle umida e giallastra. Pulsanti.
Laddove si sarebbe dovuta trovare la bocca, un buco spalancato e ricurvo emetteva degli schiocchi in un lungo rantolo. Quella cosa sorrideva.

"Bambini basta giocare, mettete via i denti nel sacchetto insieme alle altre ossa, non vedete che è buio?".

"Ma mammaaaaaaa, lasciaci ancora cinque minuti!", le due creature ora guardavano il genitore con i loro occhi neri senza palpebre.

"Niente ma! Preparatevi, se farete i bravi la mamma vi regala tanti altri denti ed ossa per i vostri giochi. Vedrete, quando avrete finito di piacerà di più".

I piccoli, quasi convinti, scesero le scale. La mamma gli aveva parlato della Old Steemians Home, forse quella sarebbe stata una notte divertente.

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okayyyyyyyyyy house enforcements going in cuz I'm NOT being eaten by a thing even, if it does smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLL

and I have to wait until tomorrow for more.......<insert French swear word>


Sorry @snook ... I thought to you when I was doubting about inserting the last sentence... the hesitation lasted almost 2 seconds and a half... It's not night there ryt? :-))))


no, it's 12:44 pm :D bright daylight loll

I'm so loving your glimpses into the bigger story you are writing!

""Pardon my French" or "Excuse my French" is a common English language phrase ostensibly disguising profanity as words from the French language."

**wasn't sure you had that saying over by you lolll


We have it "perdona il francesismo" ..I don't know why we have this way of seeing the french language..they can be gross too if they want!

WTH. I'll prolly be playing with my teeth soon too. 😂


I hope for you you're not ;-)

That better wasn't the bananafish - that is all I have to say!! Sending murderous monsters after us poor helpless freewriters!! lol


Naah, the bananafish is a cute joyful thingy! You know I could have avoided the last sentence but my twisted sense of humor won the battle. I think that these creatures heads will soon decorate the house as stuffed trophies.. maybe.


Maybe. Or the little creatures are going to play with our teeth 👹 . 🤐 . and we look like that or this 💀


..this is up to the one that will feel like creating a sequel ^_^

Uhmmm were's a @marcoriccardi or an @omra-sky when you need one?


What is up with those boys!!! Call their names from a mountain top :)

Hilarious! I like it very much! Good way to end the year in Steemit ;)


We need to find an equally good way to start it.. I've already a plot to discuss with you!

questo post è più "giovane" e dovrei riuscitre a farlo inserire nella compilation, se sei d'accordo...


più che volentieri, grazie! Se vai ancora a Malta dimmelo che sono mezzo maltese e ti posso dare qualche dritta ;-)



So...I played with it a little bit... 😇


you mean you feel pity for those monsters? Notwithstanding the butchering ;-) I'm honoured by your Italian as much as I'm glad that it inspired you creating a follow up!
However I want to see how it will develop as your story interrupted too early!


I pity any creature that stands against this group! They may win a few battles. They may even conquer a world or two. But, and this is good to keep in mind, we freewriters have created and destroyed entire universes! And we've done it all in about 5 minutes. (So the monsters don't really stand much of a chance. 😁)

Grazie for being so patient with my (amateur attempts?) to message you without an app. That being said, if you'd rather I used a translator (until I actually learn more that a few words that I'm not conjugating correctly) please let me know!

Being able to play off of each other and have a good conversation is one of the things I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to find here. (Since money is involved, you always wonder how much of any interaction is a 'front' for business.) Also, I appreciate the good-natured sense of humor among many of us.

You're a very inspiring fellow! (Take your bow! 😄) It's always a great feeling when someone enjoys your work. (Even more so when you have respect for that person's opinion.) As for too early? I will say the same back to you.


Dear friend, thank you for your kind words and I would never prefer you to write in Italian through a translator in place of your authentic and cute messages! I've read that steemit is a gift-economy, based on reciprocity. I didn't reply to that whale because I don't like to express my thoughts into public threads so much. However I would beg to differ as in a true gift-economies - take for example the natives of America one - the exchange is not expresed in a directly economically measurable way (a carpet for a bow is not x SBD for x SBD). Here in steemit the economical factor IMO is tainting the human relations and easing the creation of the so called "circle jerking" effect. I am very curious about where this will go, and I'm not entirely sure that it will be all rosy. At least, in the old times when I used to chat we were not exchanging money for our comments but just appreciating each other for what we were and enjoying some good laughs. I think that here there's a more than good balance between us freewriters because we talk for the sake of conversation and be friends. We should never forget that this is the priority and not making money out of stupid circular talks. Thanks for being here, you too are inspiring and a true person that makes it worth the time spent here :-)


This needs a proper reply tomorrow from a keyboard 😉

Papilio machaon


Wow! This is the second, I will add it to the greta oto :-D Thank you so much for the tip.. as of now I have my VP delegated and I really suck with votes (I feel a bit guilty) but I will catch up as soon as I can.. it sucks a bit to be plancton (not even minnows) here in steemit, if it wasn't for this crazy and great community I think I would be way less addicted ^_^


Happy to add to your collection! I'm looking forward to seeing this Death's Head Moth of yours someday! You're welcome for the tip... I always look forward to your stories! Sure, I have ones that I enjoy more than others but, that is true of everything in life, isn't it?
I have been awful with my voting power these last few weeks. As of this moment, I'm under 50%. I don't usually let it get this way but, I've been trying to give a vote to each post that I've found interesting. (And there are SO many of them!) I figure that I'll be bad for a bit and, come the New Year, return to timing out my votes better.
One of the joys of being tiny plankton though, is that we can have more fun and be more free with our comments and ourselves here. If we were of the higher profile members, each little thing we posted would be scrutinized by at least one person who disagreed or wanted to drag us down.
Wow! I'm chatty today...


You know, I wish I could read again of the Pit 😉 The day I'll be scrutinised is the one I'll get bored of steemit... However I think that with patience we'll grow but the important is that we'll always remain silly as we are now 😜

"Be patient, when you have finished changing .. you will like this more".

You, sir, have piqued my interest. 😈

Trova che ho pieta mostri combattimento la freewriters! (I apologize, for I'm sure that I'm butchering your lovely language.)
I truly want to pick this gem up and play with it! I have such a love of horror and your little monsters are adorably ghastly! I know that I should leave it for @omra-sky or @marcoriccardi though...


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Thank you for the mention 👍 we are waiting for your freewrites!


Today's was really hard for me, but I finally got it done. @mariannewest is really testing us. 😁