Freewrite Wednesday Prompt: Irritation

9개월 전

As I approached a culvert that ran through the highway, a blind old beggar sitting already by road picked up his stick and began to walk across the road cautiously. "Ah! I had a rough already and I am not getting out to help that beggar! No, I'm not!
I was irritated and horn-mad already and I continued to honk ragingly at the old man.
Something wicked told me the man was moving slowly deliberately and I got out of my car with the intention to pour out all my anger on this man I was going to give him a sound beating he would never forget. As I pulled the man roughly, two hot slaps landed on my cheeks from behind and some figures appeared and surrounded me with dangerous tools.
Irritation left and trepidation became my new friend.

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To get upvote from @wafrica, the post needs at least 300 characters! Please describe your work in detail ;-)

Very interesting #freewrite, I thought you were gonna get hurt worse. Keep on writing, I liked this one.

I'm not going Postal, just delivering today's prompt 📬