#Freewrite Day 102: The paint

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Artistic painting and the energy that radiates

Hello, here I bring my #Freewrite about painting, challenge proposed by @mariannewest

In this commentary, I arbitrarily took a pictorial work that is in the Vatican, in Rome. I entered the page paintings of José Vicente Hernández and copied the image. I do not like to appropriate what does not belong to me but I did it because my brother accepted it, and I will not have problems because of it. In the same way I will do it with any work of the many artists that we have in Altagracia, if they allow it or request it previously.

THE PAINTING OF THE POPE, product of the expertise of JOSÉ VICENTE HERNÁNDEZ CHILIBERTI, radiates a vivifying energy by the combination of colors that impress the senses of anyone with blood in their veins ... and that impression flows to the brain throughout the intricate system of nerves that relax at the passage of such divine stimuli. It is nothing supernatural. This is how the organism works. Life needs positive stimuli. Man does not live by bread alone, and less badly because bread is not available in Venezuela. The truth is that the vibrations of the artist have a significant influence on health. And for this reason, he is pleased to have so many artists in the beloved Altagracia de Orituco of the Guárico State.

IN THE PICTORIAL WORKS, the artists download a good part of their energy, and many when contemplating them wish to have them very close to beautify the environment and to delight with the combinations of colors . But it is not the adoration of images, it is that the spiritual and emotional needs lead to the enjoyment of the energy that the artist expresses in his works, just as the treetops lean towards the fortifying energy of the sun king. . Of course, if you have a beautiful work in front of your eyes and is ignored, the benefits will be lower.

In order to receive the healing benefits of any work of creation we must have some preparation, which becomes very complicated when there is a need to stay for hours in huge queues looking for food and medicine. It is indisputable that the fruits of art benefit health, as well as mangoes and avocados produced during photosynthesis, give energy to muscles, nerves and skeleton. When people are directly in the waters of the sea, the river or in the mountain, it does not require much preparation, because the energy of the environment immediately acts on the physical integrity by operating the physical process of heat transfer that displaces the accumulated heat and produces a vivifying sense of wellbeing. But the contemplation of harmonic images brings highly beneficial benefits for integral health, above all, in placid environments where harmony and fraternity reign.

Thanks for reading me

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Un Papa que jamás se puede olvidar, por su carismática personalidad buen post!!! @hernandezch. Saludos ; )