From Flute to Soundcloud: My love for Music Freewrite

2년 전

The first instrument my parents bought me was a flute
Either my parents prepared a joke, or they were hoping for a fluke
Time passed, and my passion for music grew
To listen to it, be inspired, that's where I found my truth
The beat was important, but the lyrics were the thing that hit
From 60s songs to the latest hip hop and r&b, whatever decided to stick
Quick hits, long time classics, everything was played through the years
The Beatles, Tupac, Wyclef Jean, Tribe Callest Quest, it was music to my ears
Timbaland beats, Pharrel when he was still a NERD, I preferred
70 and 80 classics as much as Eminem's Slim Shady Album, I know... absurd
From tape decks cleaned with 90% alcohol, to CD players, to mp3's
Wimamp, iTunes, Youtube and Soundcloud, whatever the music frees
I will continue to love music, because it make me wonder, brings me at ease
Any release, can inspire me. So do I want more, Yes please!

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Are you still playing an instrument?


Haha.. I never really played any instrument. Aside from maybe 3 basic piano songs.
I do still have the flute my parents bought me. My kids occasionally pick it up when they feel the need to make some extra noise XD..