Mecene on Steem: Why I support the Freewrite community

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This is the first piece about my mecene activities on steem that I started a month ago. Mecene? French for sponsor/donator historically for art. I created a bot that automatically upvote posts with some targeted communities tags. This post is about my support for the #freewrite community.


How it all started?

How did I find the daily #freewrite writing prompt? I don't know. I remember someone had a list of different art contests and I decided to join. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and the interactions.

Steem was boring at the time

I arrived during the first year of Steem and there was a different mindset. People were really going around looking for tags and posts. I would do that. I believe that the main reason people come back here and think for a while about what to post is the interaction. It definitely is not money or just money. I remember that my first payout ever was a comment. 30 cents if I recall correctly.

Then it happened, people focused only on money. There were suddenly less votes, way less comments. If you were lucking, you engage with someone, a whale, before and you would get all or most of your posts significantly upvoted.

Writing in the #freewrite community

The community is getting bigger with @freewritehouse. I join every now and then. Always gets some comments, which is very very valuable to me, much more valuable than the payout. I found a new excuse to write. I also go on a reading frenzy and try to look at most post of a prompt

Could I do more?

One day, I was not in the mood to write, I had no inspiration from the prompt and pretty much no energy to write for 5 minutes. But I went around and vote with all my SP on each comment on the main post and then each post linked. I had never depleted my SP before. That is when I thought it would be awesome if everyone could do the same. What if we had a service, website, app... so that you can decide which community(tag) you want to support?

That is what I am building

Curating won't make you rich, unless you are already rich. So why saving your voting power? With all that in my mind, I decided to start geeking through the blockchain. I needed to get familiar with programming on the steem blockchain, learn which features are interesting ... Long story short, the first step is done and I can do my part. I will release the code (today I think) and anyone with the skills can do the same. Until the next steps.

Thanks again

for the warm welcome. I want us to thrive as a writing community. All posts are upvoted by the @lablockchain account. Huge thanks to those who voted for my witness @cryptohazard (presentation link:

Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash

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Hello, good to be back in freewrite. i am inviting you to read my entry on yellow prompt.

Thank you so much for doing this!!! it is highly appreciated by all of us!!


The community response has been awesome. This is very motivating for me.


I am very happy about this!! We need to support the ones who support us!! And most of the support goes to crypto ed - not to creativity...

I recently discovered freewrite, and I absolutely adore it. I have always loved writing, but my talent was largely hidden away. Now I participate as often as I have time. My first language is Afrikaans, therefore I tend to think in Afrikaans and then translate into English. This results in rather cumbersome use of the English language, but I believe that freewriting in English is actually improving my writing skills.


I can feel your pain. My mother tongue is French so, my writing in English doesn't have the same creativity I think. So yeah I am learning too.


And that is what freewrite is all about. It "lubricates" your brain, right?

This is so great, thanks so much! The Freewrite community is indeed amazing, I only joined very few weeks ago and I'm having the best time, love the creativity, the interaction, the mutual support.


Exactly. That is one of the reason I come back that often.

It's really generous of you. Thanks so much.


Thank you too for the witness vote. It is a motivation to keep my work!

Wow Great

Thanks for the upvote. Came here to see who you are. I do a lot of freewriting--even before steemit, so seemed natural to post some of it. Nice to have people interested in the craft/process.


Indeed, that what is fun about steem, beyond the money.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.