Freewrite: Rant About The Defensive

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To some people, there's no "I" in "team".
Somehow others found a "me".

eye roll

So I am currently working on a super secret cosplay project with a number of people and there is a lot involved within it.

We have scripts to memorize.

We have songs to lip sync to.

We have choreography to learn.

Before we practice choreography, we are required to warm up.

The warm ups were quite advanced but I sucked up and did it for almost weekly with them.

Just realized that my fellow teammates are still struggling with the routine.

I brought it up, only to be hit back with a loud “violin” tone from our team leader, becoming defensive over it claiming “we done this several times already” and “we can’t change it now midway”.

It’s a freaking warm-up that I am talking about, not the choreography.

That’s not the only incident of defensiveness I encountered from this person.

When I suggested that the video recording of the dance be flipped in post, they rebut and say that there are programs that can do this. Clearly, they did not care to think about those who are less tech savvy having to do this on their own.

Psychology Today says that according to scholars, the fear of being seen as losers haunts most of us. Competitiveness is a natural response to an attack of one’s identity.

A lot of us develop a conditional sense of self-worth and are dependent upon our performance compared to others in competitions”.

That being said, I wish that this person doesn’t feel my suggestions and feedback is a reason to show their dominance like an animal.

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That is an intense cosplay!! Wow 😳


It's a lot to rehearse. D:

Great post hun


Thank you!

Phil Jackson: There's no "I" in "team".

Michael Jordan: "But there is an "I" in "win".