Let Me Pee!

7개월 전

I was visiting the hospital for my monthly / bimonthly mental health check-up, after all, I had my dosages changed.

This was already second visit this week as they messed up my appointment time the last time.

Normally I avoid government hospital toilets because they're in terrible condition and look like they have been that way for 20 years.

Like a normal toilet user (I assume) I made a quick beeline for the last stall.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a yell, someone hollering. "OI!!!" and "WOII!!!". I had my earphones in so I honestly didn't think it was directed at me.

Oh, it WAS directed at me. It was a man at the door, some sort of medical officer or admin? He was asking me to "KELUAR" or "Get out" of the toilet.

To be completely frank, he caught me really off guard. I made direct eye contact with him and my face was like ಠ︵ಠ

I think he stared at me for a good 15 seconds or so before going "oh uh, sorry ya". The great irony is that the other person in the ladies room looked unfazed and unafraid of my presence.

I understand that universal toilets are a dime a dozen, the last big one I saw was at a hostel in Singapore.

My problem is that in general, I don't appear to pass as masculine much, if at all.

The fact is, I rushed straight into a stall. I never stopped to hurt anyone in the toilet. I just need to pee.

Man, just let me pee!

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Why did he yell at you? It's been quite some time since I last visited a government hospital and klinik kesihatan... My girls are getting older so no need to visit and get jab anymore...

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Maybe he think I'm an ah boy going to molest people...

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Didn't really went into government hospitals before... but according to my previous secondary school they were pretty good? She had her heart surgeries there for quite some times lol.

Guess that's a super awkward time for him too, maybe he forgot his coffee...


Oh yes, government hospital is actually good if you can't afford thousands of ringgit it medication/treatment, no doubt. This is the first time someone tried to police my toilet use.