When they say that Sims is not a "real game"

8개월 전

Don't understand why "REE-L gamerz" like to bash Sims players.

It's very much a sandbox game, people take pride in Elder Scrolls toolboxes but Sims is "not a real game"?

Yeah nobody is gonna be doing an E-Sports event with Sims (I am assuming they don't exist?) but I am honestly extremely impressed at the homebrew games and just pure mass carnage people create and share online.

I just watched someone create a prison for hundreds of Sims to starve in.

And someone who created a series of Sims that earn wealth from absolutely nothing.

Then there's the 100 Baby Challenge, which I am playing right now (though I cheated on some aspects, because I am lazy).

Plus the Polygon video where the host uses the game to assess his apartment and life??

I'm just saying, games don't need to be competitive to be games.

Solitaire is a game. I sat alone at a hostel playing it in the dining area, no one but the receptionist around me.

Drawing finger turkeys is a game, especially when you start trying to use the shape of your hand to predict your future when you're 10 years old.

Neopets is a game. I mean, some of us would rather spam the hide and seek or fashion page to earn those coins even if you don't get real scoreboards from it.

I believe that you don't need to go to the Olympics or whatever for it to still be a game. Not all games require prizes and glory.

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Sims is awesome! I'm surprised if some people are seriously saying that Sims wouldn't be a real game. I've heard it more when people talk about Candy Crush etc. but even regarding games like that, people seem to have accepted them as games.

But maybe I don't hang around with gamers enough, as I wouldn't be surprised that there's a lot of gatekeeping what's "real gaming" and which ones are accepted as "real games". People tend to be dumbasses for no reason, just to make them feel better and more "real".


I think one of the more significant comments I saw out there was with a Game Stop employee getting heavily upvoted on a Reddit AMA.

But it's definitely a common sentiment since some people mock the Sims for being a "not a game" patch notes while enjoying a broken game like Fallout 76. Both are still games regardless. I thoroughly enjoy Oblivion and it's also a mess.