Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Hello Stemians

Science tells us money can't buy happiness but in reality the lack of financial resources can affect us physically and emotionally no matter how we try to ignore the fact that not having money at sometime in our lives is the reason for our sadness and not taking certain decisions. Have you ever wondered why the wealthy billionaires when interviewed or while giving presentations seems to be happy and the tone of their voice is always sharp and what listening to?

Money may or may not buy happiness but consider doing the following with your money to find true happiness:

  1. Help the needy in your own little way
  2. Invest your money wisely
  3. Save for the rainy day
  4. Get health insurance cover
  5. Invest in a viable business venture with minimal risk and minimum return on investment
  6. Get involved in life long learning
  7. End every negative addiction that puts strain on your finances
  8. Learn more DIY(Do it Yourself) hacks for personal and career development
  9. Get the mentored at every stage of your life
  10. plan your finances for short, medium and long term and maintain your budget.
  11. Network with the right contact and travel to meet new people too

The key to happiness is doing the right thing always that is what money can never buy, never miss life changing opportunities, stay positive and never doubt you can still be wealthy. think and grow richer, take your business, career, clients seriously.

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