@Freewritehouse Freewrite Selfie Challenge - WIN 25SBD and a chance at SBI

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Ok guys - I don't consider myself much of a writer despite trying to keep a blog but since I already felt bad enough about missing @mariannewest last SoCal meet up, AND she's been leaving me daily messages about where my selfie was....well I figured the least I could do was try Day 1. Yesterday was the deadline to enter your name to participate in the challenge, but you can still check out the daily prompts and other contest entries here: https://steemit.com/contest/@freewritehouse/day-1-200-day-contest-prize-25-sbd-and-a-chance-to-win-sbi

I love reading fiction, but when it comes time to use my creativity to write for a whole five minutes off of one word, my mind immediately shuts down and says no, try another challenge, this one isn't for you. Unless I am in a super panic attack, I have a hard time embellishing facts to make things interesting. I am all about facts, and science and what truths can be proven. Yeah, OK, I admit it - there wasn't 400 million thousand crawly bugs preventing me from cleaning up the garden. But like, 4 is basically the same when they're all wriggling and nasty-like. I hate bugs. Oh, but that wasn't the prompt. Its BANANA.

Peel. Banana. Peel, peel, banana. Peel it down the left. Peel it down the right. Peel it down the front and UH! Take a bite!

Anyone else know that rhyme from when you were a kid? That's the first thing that pops in my head when I think BANANA. Also that that is pretty inappropriate for kids. Baby's first blow-job lesson. My next thought is: One. BA-naa-na. TWO. BA- naa-na. That is an actual teaching method for how to correctly hit bongos.

Does it count if I re-read my own submission through for the last four minutes of the free-write? I've got nothing else.

Here's my selfie. I haven't finished my coffee yet or brushed my hair (for at least a year, now) but it was now or never! I'm really going to regret this in 45 years when this photo is still floating around the internet.....


If you've made it this far and are totally confused at my post, no worries. I don't get it either. But I appreciate you reading, anyways!!

Happy Monday,


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Your freewrite was fantastic! That is the idea. Write down what comes to mind. for you, it was that you have nothing on bananas and rather write about bugs. totally fine....


haha thank you for the encouragement. I was giggling to myself the entire 5 minutes - it was a great way to start my day!! xo

  ·  3년 전

Hilarious! Yeah, I also have an incarnation of spammerdude on my latest post. Geez, get a life


:D Thank you! UGH as if I didn't have enough crypto stuff to learn and catch up on, now theres spam. 50% of the time I don't understand what people write about anyways, lol.

Also that that is pretty inappropriate for kids. Baby's first blow-job lesson.


Great freewrite and selfie :D


hehehe glad I could share a laugh today! Thank you!!

Isn't fun just sitting down and writing what pops into your head? And therapeutic! I loved your favorite...and you get another chance today! Haha


It was pretty therapeutic! I was giggling to myself the entire time I was writing, lol.

I saw you approve me as witness... then unapproved me :-(

Keep the freewrite spirit anyway :-D


that was a mistake! I clicked on the green arrow thing thinking that would add my vote, but now I see just adding your name is how it counts. The green circle button takes it away. weird. is it back now?


I had another person on my manual list too, but I clicked the green button for them and they disappeared. now i cant remember the name :( is there anywhere that tells me who i might have voted for in the past? lol


I guess it was @arcange but you already fixed it. Normally you can get most of the info from https://steemd.com/@madpotters


yeah, I found a little tab on steemworld.org that lets me filter out my actions by type. woohoo! that green arrow button should be a red X instead, lol.

I am glad you didn't act on any of the posts of the scammer below, Here is a post what that was all about. People!! really annoying!!!