Day 1065: 5 Minute Freewrite | Wheel Her in

9개월 전

I awoke to a scream as they wheeled her in. I have been in the ER for 2 days now but is still not accustomed to the sounds of screams, coughs, and labored breathing of patients. Together with the incessant beeping of various monitors. It is a wonder that I get any sleep.

She was in pain, this was very apparent. She was clutching her leg and the doctors and nurses were trying hard to tie her down so that they can start treating her.

She kept shouting she could not be here as she was still shooting a film. An actress, I assume as the door to the ER was filled with onlookers.


From Unsplash Credits to National Cancer Institute

Her screams finally quieted down as the sedatives kicked. The doctor was stitching her leg. She would have a scar for sure.

I hear from their hushed whispers her name, Sandra...

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