Day 1067: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: purple

9개월 전

Purple ichor splashes on my visor as I shoot the last of the creatures. It was supposed to be a simple retrieval of an egghead cooped inside his lab on a god-forsaken planet.

Easy money they said. Fly to the planet, park your cruiser in front of the doc's lab, ring the bell, knock 'em cold and toss the bugger in your cargo hold. Easy money.

Should have known not to trust a smuggler who kept buying me drinks in the cantina. Trying to get me sloshed and agree to this foolish contract.

Here I am the king of fools.

From Unsplash Credits to Stéphane Delval

I put another clip, lock, and load motherfuckas as I move further inside the facility. Red warning lights continue to spin, the shrill alarm fading into the background as I focus on shooting anything that moves.

Better alive than be gutted by one of those creatures. They were fast, nasty, and stink like an unwashed Wookies bum!

Got to get the doc quick and get out of here.

I enter one of the bay doors. I see the doc slumped on his chair. I gave him a quick jolt and his body falls down to the floor. His chest cavity has a whole as if something burst out.

I hear something slither behind me. Light glints on its fangs. It was big, a lot bigger than what I killed earlier. Clearly an alpha.


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