5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: turn signal

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Made by me, like all my other freewrite of the day images.

Seems I did it again with missing the prompt from the day before. I actually had it started but didn't get past dropping the title. Here is today's prompt and Thursdays too (fan)....Happy reading and happy Friday.

Well I tell ya what my fellow readers/writers I am no fan of some people and their turn signals. Ever been behind someone and all of a sudden they turn and make you slam your brakes on? I'm like, umm thank you so much for NOT using that signal that the manufacturer placed in your vehicle. But I don't know what is worse, that or when you have people who leave their signal on and never turn, so you slow down and wait.....and wait....and wait before you are like ok then I guess you just like to hear the signal beeping at you.
When people don't use their turn signal I say "well I guess they must have run out of turn signal fluid." Anyone in their right mind knows there is no such thing, but some people are gullible, like a fellow coworker who asked if there was such a thing.

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This thing you're saying gas cost so many people there lives. It's not a joking matter at all.

Am here to deliver the weekend freewrite.

Going single prompt is easy
Just one, write, easy-peasy
If you're tempted to go pro
Let's see what you'll write, wrote 😁
Do have a nice weekend.


It wasn't written to be a joke. It's a freewrite, so that is what came to mind with a timer and the prompt. People running lights would cost more lives than those not using turn signals. But I guess that would depend on where you live.

I've been venus my share of these peeps. It's never fun to guess. Some driver's leave you guessing and don't think they need to utilize it at all... grrrr

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Agreed :) Drives me nuts.