5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: hunger

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Your subconscious will rarely steer you wrong if you listen to it. There are days where you think you will just do what you feel like. The urge, the hunger is there to take what is not yours, eat what is not yours. The craving is real when you see something you wish you had. In your mind you tell yourself you don't need it or you would find the means to get it, legally. The most law abiding person will and could still get that urge. It is in the blood just as the subconscious tells us it is wrong to do whatever it is that you are thinking at that given moment. We are not going to give in when we know it is wrong even if the thirst is so strong that you can feel it, taste it, touch it whatever that desire is. Have you ever had an urge like that? I know I have because I am human. But because I know right from wrong I control it.

Gosh darn I have no idea this was where my hunger went. I was gearing more towards food hunger, lol. Gotta love these freewrites.

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The beauty of freewriting, your mind goes wherever it likes! :D

I urge and crave many things, but morals guide me. :)


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Sometimes we get tempted but thankfully we are reminded what God has said. Pity not everyone heeds His prompting.

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Out minds go where they will, I love that you let it!


Lol sometimes I think it's a scary thought. After I get done I look over what I wrote and ask where the heck did it come from. :)

Now I understand better your comment, in my free writing.
Good self-control